My fiance left and told me he wasn't in love with me anymore: Advice?

Really looking for some support here… my fiance of 3 years left me n his son last night … he said he is no longer in love but will always love me. He isn’t happy anymore … Idk what to do. I’m hoping he will come back with some space, but he took his things n left his ring :sob::sob::broken_heart: idk looking for some advice or support, I guess


Give him couple days then try to call him and see him if y’all can meet somewhere talk in private. See whats really going on.

Honestly :woman_shrugging:t3: my fiance left me and said the same…took the rings too :sweat_smile::rofl: but then came crawling back 2 months later :woman_shrugging:t3: byy then it was just too late in my case :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m happier now…by far


Ignore him guys like the chase once he realizes your good without him he will be the one to come back and probably by that time you’ll be over it. Women take it the hardest at first men do later. Don’t call him or look for him if he calls for the child put the child on then hang up. Good luck



He left his son??


Don’t call, he left. If he wants to talk he will contact you, but don’t but at his beck and call, either. Give space. If the son is his, wait a good week or 2, don’t start drama, it will hurt the son, if he is his, if he is not then don’t bother. Love one sided hurts more, and takes more time to heal.


He did you a favor. My ex husband waited til we were married for 6 months to say he wanted a divorce. Could’ve saved my parents $12k and a whole lot of energy by just being a man about how he felt. And now I have a man that treats me 1000x better. I hate to sound cliche, but things happen for a reason.


Leave him to it if he thinks grass is greener on that side, dont beg don’t chase.

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No matter what always keep your head up & remember your worth :purple_heart: #inGodshands

He has a new piece of ass. Don’t kiss his ass. Take your time to grieve but let him go.

Sorry to say but he’s probably cheating. Don’t call him. Don’t act like it bothers you. Like the other person said they like to be chased


Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s an act. Both parties have to choose daily to love the other person! Saying he fell out of love is an excuse and shows he is not willing to work for the relationship. I’ve been with my husband 10 years, married 8, and there have been seasons where I didn’t like him all that much and he didn’t like me all that much but when we decided to choose love it turned that around. If he wants to be with you and his son he will choose to be with y’all! If you were once happy, you can be happy again. Love is a choice!!


Hes getting some pussy and attention from somewhere else. Don’t wait for him to realize his mistake and come back! Find somebody who won’t abandon you again.


Move on. U shouldnt settle for anyone who could walk away like that. There are better men out there, i swear it


Let him go and never take him back!! He’s getting it somewhere else


I wish you peace in this situation. Im sorry he left you, but I suggest you take this time to heal yourself and connect with your son. Take all the hurt and disappointment you have and make it into determination to form yourself into the strongest version of yourself. You will come out of this.


If he’s not invested now, he sure as heck wasn’t the guy to marry. Not unless he totally and completely figures some stuff out for himself. Lacking in maturity. This sounds harsh, but he let you know who he really is before it was too late. When somebody shows you who they really are, believe em. Don’t make them keep showing you over and over. Become comfortable spending time by yourself so that you don’t become dependent on anyone else to make you happy. And pray. Pray a lot. God never fails, and everything works out according to His will.


He showed you his colors move on


Whatever you do don’t beg him to come back. Move on and leave him alone. He’ll realize what he’s lost and that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. And when he tries to come back you can decide if that’s what’s best for you or not. But begging him to stay won’t do any good.

Okay, just cause he left doesn’t mean he was cheating. Jesus Christ. Some of you women think WAY too low of men. Don’t assume he is/was cheating. It sounds like he just doesn’t know how a long relationship actually works. You will NEVER be 100% in love with the same person ALL THE TIME. The point of a relationship and commitment is you fall back in love with the same person over and over. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, 8 years if we didn’t separate the first year we started dating. He could be feeling a lot of pressure with a lot of things and you could have been the wrong scapegoat. Don’t hold your hand over your ass and wait. Start healing and be the best momma you can be, BUT do not start assuming wild shit cause sexist, insecure women online think lowly of men. Right now, you need to build yourself back up. Relearn your independence. Relearn YOURSELF. When you spend so long with someone, you gain a codependency in said person. So the hardest part, being on your own again. You’ll start to remember how strong and amazing of a mom you are on your own. You have my support <3 and if you need ANYONE to talk to, you can message me for a shoulder to lean on! <3 you got this. You were without him before, you can be without him again and even stronger this time!