My fiances dad is threatening me because he doesn't like the name we chose for our baby: Advice?

I’m to my breaking point and I need help. Me and my fiancé has 2 kids we have a 19 month old daughter(from a previous relationship he claims her as his own and is on her birth certificate)and I’m currently pregnant with a little boy. Me and him sat down before we found out the gender of the baby and chose a name for a boy and a name for a girl. The name for a boy is Grantley. His dad asked if we’d use ray as the middle name for a boy, because it’s tradition that every first grandson has the middle name ray. So, we was nice and decided yes because it’s both mine and his dad’s middle name as well. Well, my fiancé and I told his family what we planned on naming our baby boy. Little did I know it was going to be the biggest fight ever. They had a family member that passed away a long time before I met my fiancé, and his name was Grant. His family seems to think that we’re naming our son Grantley after Grant. I’ve explained to them it’s not why we chose Grantley. His mother understands, and his siblings haven’t said anything else about it. His dad, on the other hand, has gotten out of control. He sat there saying how I was a bad mother, and how the baby’s name was stupid(and he didn’t even spell it correctly). He’s sitting there threatening both of us because we won’t change the name. An he keeps on saying how I’m stupid and how my fiancé is stupid and how we’re dumb. Basically putting us down and being really disrespectful towards both my fiancé and me. At one point, my fiancé’s dad said he wanted nothing to do with us or our son if we decided to name him Grantley. I didn’t open my mouth because my fiance asked me not to. I told my fiancé I’ll keep quiet till he messages me. He’s told his dad not to message me numerous times because I don’t need to be stressed. His dad messaged me tonight, saying about I don’t need to name my son Grant that he already had already lived his life and how we need to change it because they ain’t ready for another Grant. I was nice and told him that I’m sorry that happened to you, but Grantley has nothing to do with Grant. That their son and I chose Grantley because we fell in love with that name. That Grantley is not another Grant that he is his own person and that I was not changing the name for any reason. My fiancé then flipped out on me because I messaged his dad at all. I explained to him that I was sick of his dad sitting there saying stuff about us because no matter what my fiancé said to him, he still did it, and it made it worse every time. He and I talked through it all and are fine now, but his dad still seems to keep going with disrespecting us and saying our son has a stupid name. I just don’t know what to do; it’s like no matter what, his dad keeps doing what he’s been doing. I don’t want it to have to come to the point where I say fine I don’t want him at the hospital after I give birth and I don’t want him near the children or me,because my fiancé is at the point of dropping his whole family because of his dad. I’ve explained to him that it’s not all of them and that hopefully his dad will come around. I’m just stuck, and I don’t know what to do. My fiancé is leaving for military boot camp 3 days after my due date and I don’t want any problems for me while he’s gone.


Not their child not their place sooo they can get over it.


Your kid , your choice of name . He needs to be mature and get over it. Your fiance should maybe talk to him and let him know he’s not okay with the way he’s talking to you and if he doesn’t accept it then it’s best to keep the distance .


Your child your choice. Fuck what people say!! Even IF you did choose Grantley from Grant then the family should be honored to have his name carried on. People need to stop being so god damn sensitive.

You need to distance yourself from people like that. It’s your child and you need to put boundaries in place to protect your children from people like that. That’s not family, that’s manipulation.

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All this over a name? Fiancé’s dad needs to grow up! I’d cut all ties if he’s going to be this immature. He already said he wants nothing to do with the baby so why bother?


You stick to your guns

It’s not his child. He sounds like a 3 year old who is flipping out because the blue spoon is dirty and he doesn’t wana use the green one. :roll_eyes: stand your ground mama, I think the name is beautiful and fiancés dad can kick rocks


It’s time for everyone to grow up.


Its your baby. They will get over it. Dont let him bully you into changing it.

I let my exs family bully me into changing my sons name and I really wish i hadnt.

Stand strong you got this


You have a right to say whatever you want to your fiancée’s family if they are being toxic. Stand your ground!!! You are just as important!

Is he paying your bills?

This is your child not the grandfather’s. Block their number and communication until the idiot wants to grow up. Fiance liking it or not…DO NOT LET ANYONE TREAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN THIS WAY.

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Ignore the childish :poop:. Name your baby what you want and cut them off. It’s that simple

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I personally would change it. I hate naming kids after family member Dead or alive. If there was someone with the name already in the family I wouldnt use it.


I’m not a fan of the name either, but I know that if the child were in my family, the name would become synonymous with love. I have 17 younger cousins. disagreed with almost all of their names… at first.

but the name eventually becomes a person and THAT is so much more powerful

my dad made fun of the name we picked for a boy, I shut him the f up, all disrespect returned. he stopped.

we ended up having a girl, but I was ready to carry that grudge to the grave


Who child is this? Yours or theirs ?

Put your foot down and don’t let anyone tell you how or what to do with YOUR KID!! Come on people

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it’s your kid not his. name him whatever you want, period.
end of story
if he doesn’t agree too bad so sad, again not his decision to make.

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He sounds like a bully, your baby your choice, if I was in your position I would also be weary of letting my children spend time with him, tell him he needs to suck it up or back off for good

If you gave into this bully over something now you would never have a chance in the future. Stand up to him now and nip it in the bud