My fiance's kids were adopted by their grandmother: Can we fight this?

So my fiance and I just had our little one almost two months ago, and all of a sudden, so much has gone down. He has two sons from a previous relationship because of some seriously intense issues at the time he couldn’t take care of. So when we got together, he decided once we got stable, he was going to try fighting for custody, visitation, something so he could see his kids again. After finding out we were pregnant; we decided to wait until our son was born. Well, we got a call from child support saying he was getting called in for a DNA test. He went gladly so he could show them he was more than willing to be a part of their lives in any way. Well, before the DNA test even got sent in, they called us and said the kids were adopted out to their grandmother, and we’re wondering if there’s a way we could fight this? We will be contacting all of our local attorneys to talk with them about what we should do, but does anyone think it’s able to be fought?


Sounds like a deadbeat dad. He only came around after the fact.

“Seriously intense issues” :roll_eyes:


Is it actual custody, or guardianship? You should be able to.

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If he never signed away his rights this is illegal and he can fight it.
They have to have the father sign away his rights for the kids to be adopted out.
My sister was 16 when they tracked my dad down to say you are the father now sign here…


Gosh how long as it been since he as been in there lives. Those poor kids.


They cant just be adopted out. Something else is going on or hes not telling you the whole story


Yeah sounds like temporary guardianship not adoption unless it was already in the process before u guys did the test.


He would have had to be TPR for that to happen…

IF they “adopted” them out then a judge must’ve declared abandonment…


Depending on the situation, if something happened to the mother or she lost custody or is incarcerated an the grandparents adopted them then most definitely yes he is still their father. If he lost custody signed his rights away or something like that it will most likely be a uphill battle

Ya if he was on the birth certificates they would need him to sign for them to be adopted unless it’s been an extended period of time he has not been in there lives. Even then they stI’ll send you papers as a last chance .

Maybe they’re better off with their grandparents. He needs more than 2months of being a parent to be able to prove he can raise kids. Give it some time. Get settled and on the right track.


Depends on how well the kids know him. If he’s never been around that would be hard for them to go with a stranger.


I’m sorry but fighting for you kids when your personal circumstances fit, then he trys?
They went to their grandparents because he’s not reliable, they need an all the time father not a conditional one :woman_shrugging:


I’m more concerned about him not wanting to be in their lives till “ after” y’all child was born. Tf? Sounds like the kids are better off anyways if he didn’t even know their grandmother adopted them. Smh. This post is all fucked up.

Unless he had previously lost all parental rights, he would legally be required to receive a notice before adoption could take place. If he had lost parental rights, there’s not much he can do now.


Why wait till your stable wait till after the new baby is born etc etc? Being a parent isn’t part time .


You can fight an adoption only if they didnt follow the correct process…which differs from state to state. Here, the parents gets a notice and has 30 days to object. If they dont object then the adoption goes through easy peasy. If he wasnt around, or making attempt then you have little to no chance and tbh yall dont deserve one. “Getting stable.” Waiting for the new baby… come on. What about the kids who needed a dad and he wasnt there? It doesnt take money or stability to at least BE THERE.


People,when their young make bad, choices loose their kids,but if they straighten up,they deserve 2nd. Chance! To know love. Have relationship with,them


You fight for your kids no matter what. So he’s leaving some stuff out or he’s full of it. The grandparents most likely have guardianship. Mom and dad need to get their shit together.

Included Grandmaw too