My fiances mom is mad we cannot have our wedding when she wants it: Advice?

So me and my fiance have been together for six years engaged for two years and haven’t really put a date to it until now we have two beautiful children together, and we plan to get married within two years, my MIL is fuming because she wants it earlier as in 4 months for both sides of grandparents to be there, but unfortunately financially we can’t afford it to be any earlier as we both work hard and cannot pay for everything plus the wedding in 4 months, but we’ll financially be stable if we stick to the wedding being in 2 years. She has stated if we do it within four months, she’ll attend if not she said not to bother sending an invitation… Although my partner says, he doesn’t care I see it in his body language and moods every time I bring the wedding up he’s feeling guttered how do I approach my MIL to make her realize it can’t also be done she is really hard-headed, and every time I suggest anything it’s an automatic word war with her, and I tend just to let things be thank you.


Call her bluff… she’ll go in 2 years.


She can pay for it, if she wants it sooner.


Is she wanting it done before grandparents pass? I get that. Can a small just family only ceremony be done at a church or small place?
I’m sure she will attend either way


Maybe she could help pay for it

It’s not about her. If she can make it , cool. If not send pics. Forget her. This is your day.

Tell her to pay for it then, or your bills lol

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Don’t invite her. Sje will make ur wedding about her

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Tell her if she wants it in 4 months she can pay for it if not she can hush


Unless she’s paying for it. It’s your wedding not hers

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Tell her tough shit and do whats best for you

eesh. She pays for it or it just won’t happen her way. I feel for your soon to be Husband, that is hard.

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Tell her that unless she plans to pay for it, it will be in 2 years. And don’t discuss it with her anymore!

Send her the bill lol


Tell her to mind her own business!

Have a very small close family ceremony.

Tell her that’s fine. You don’t accept ultimatiums about your life. If she doesn’t come, that’s her choice.


If she’s not paying for the wedding, she can have a seat.


If she wants it sooner tell her to flip the bill if not. her loss


She can pay for it if she wants when she wants. If not sorry for ya