My four year old will not stop having accidents: Advice?

Put her back in a diaper

My daughter is 5 and still has accidents taking a toy isn’t going to help it just makes it worse

My daughter is five now and has finally stopped doing this 24/7… :expressionless: still working on the occasional bed wetting too. I’ve tried everything consistently and it’s basically come to the point they say they’ll grow out of it. I would definitely keep an eye out for UTI’s because my daughter came to the point where she would tinkle, but not enough to show through her pants, and she needed up with 2 infections when she started hiding it. She was fully potty trained with no accidents during the day or at night and then boom right before she turned 4 it’s like she went through a complete regression even knowing she shouldn’t be doing it. She just turned 5 and so far day time accidents are rare now and so is the bed wetting. She did go to school and only had 2-3 accidents the whole year but only did good while at school, but I think it was the place setting.

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Ease up, I had a child not able to register until it was coming out. It came right at 11, if you think it’s hard for you… It’s worse for them. Plus the anger and trauma inflicted through punishment.
There will be an answer and outcome eventually, but it’s going to come with… diet, drink routines, diaries, clock timer, A Calm And Responsible Parent Leading it.
She’s a kid not a robot.


Do whatever works for you! Consistancy is KEY. Whatever you decide do it every single time, every single day. Until it “clicks”. Differant things work for different kids. I have 3 boys and they all potty trained at different times. What worked for 1 absolutely didn’t work for the other. I drove myself CRAZY comparing and trying things that worked for another child. Just do whatever works for you and try not to make your self crazy comparing your child to someone else’s child. Advice is advice but it doesn’t mean it will work for you!

I would strongly suggest you take her to the doctor and make sure she doesn’t have a medical condition. I was the same way as a child. My mother eventually took me to the doctor around three. I was diagnosed with OAB and Bladder reflux. Its something i still struggle with, it does get better with age tho.

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I had the same problem with my daughter and she’s 6 now and still has a accident ever now and then not often tho but at 4 I just walked her to the bathroom every 30 mins for a month straight it drove me crazy but after a month she had it down and learned to listen to her body mostly every now and then she gets to sucked into what she’s doing and doesn’t make it to the toliet

Every 30 mins put her on the potty. Consistancy.

As Cheyenne King said bladder reflux goes undetected by many doctors. She needs to see a urologist and have a ultra sound done. They fill up her bladder through a catheter then do a ultra sound as it flows back out. All the symptoms you are describing were the same. Bladder reflux also causes numerous urinary tract infections. A urologist is a good idea just to make sure.

My step son was like this. He was too into his game to stop and go toilet so would wee in his bedroom/wardrobe/ cupboard in his room. It was awful! He was a little older than your daughter. But I got to the stage where I got him to help me clean it up. Told him that he needed to use the toilet like a big boy. Every 30 minutes or so ‘pause’ whatever game she is playing with and take her toilet. It’s a bit like puppy training. Keep taking them until they go. I used to give my son a piece of chocolate every time he used the toilet, yes. Even in the morning! It worked though. I hope you get there soon. I understand the frustration!!x

Try take her to the ciro. I was the same when I was younger. When I went to the ciro they cracked my neck in a few sessions and I never had another accident. Something about being pulled out when I was born disconnected the connection of my bladder telling my brain I had to go

There r certain test required to see if she has a uninary issue. We had to go to my pediatrician then referred us to a Childrens hospital. She was 5. She ended up with a bladder disorder that involves the nerves. And sometimes accidents are signs of emotional stress. Maybe more than it seems.

I used a remote control for a tv and we used it to pause everything we hit the pause button and what ever you were doing everyone in the area would pause mine felt like she would miss something and it worked wonders she is 9 now and we have started doing this with my 2 year old and it’s still working with her too she will try and use the potty we also let her pause the area that way she knows she won’t miss anything

It could be a sign of ADHD. Hyper focusing and not “hearing” her body’s need to urinate.

Pull ups… she’s not being lazy. Not all kids develop that message in their brain that they have to “potty” at the same time. Some kids don’t fully develop this brain signal till their 6 or even 7! It’s not their fault at all. They have no sense that they have to go until they feel wetness all of a sudden. Be patient and let her wear pull ups


Alot of children do this when they are over engrossed in things. The most important thing is not to tell her off or punish her just say ok we will try again next time. I also wouldnt take something away i would introduce something. My son did this and so we gave him treats for having a full dry day. Telling them off will make the unsure of it all and hide it.


Set a schedule for when she needs to use the potty. As soon as she wakes up in the am, then after breakfast, etc. Im potty training my 2 year old, she won’t tell me when she has to go. I just put her on. And when I do ask she says no all the time. Stick with it, try pull up or get her the training pants that are thicker than underwear.


It’s ok just make sure there’s nothing psychologically wrong with her sometimes it’s a sign of another problem

Just want to sympathize with you on this. My 4 yr old boy is currently doing the same thing!! Even though he’s been potty trained and doing well since 2 yrs. All of a sudden accident after accident and has become a daily thing!! I’m going to start setting the timer, making him go regularly whether he wants to or not. And rewarding him with special treats for a full day of no accidents. Hope that does it!


Anytime she goes to the bathroom, do the BIGGEST dance ever & get overly super excited. I did that with my son when he did that & it helped a ton! & also don’t ask, tell her, hey it’s potty time let’s go!

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