My friend bled 3 weeks before she gave birth: What could cause this?

Ok, so a question. I have a friend who was pregnant. She delivered it yesterday. She bleeds for three weeks before hand. She was only 30 weeks when she delivered. The babies face black & blue. I’m not talking a little bruise; I’m talking whole head. I have a pic if you want to see it. They are saying it’s from the baby being sideways when he was born naturally. Now said she has to come in for a DNC tomorrow. Still saying they don’t know why she bleeds for three weeks before birth. Has anyone ever heard of this?


I bled at 30 weeks! They took him early I was bleeding from

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No idea about the bleeding but my cousin had to get a DNC after birth because they didn’t get all the placenta out.

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Sounds like she had a placental abruption… that would explain all of that


D&C to remove any clots and dead tissue…Possible placenta abruption

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There are many reasons for bleeding during pregnancy. Tell her ask the doctor for answers!

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It’s issues with the placenta- her OBGYN should have answers

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Her doctor didn’t have ideas?

Any sign in bleeding and she should of been checked out at the hospital and they’d figure out why. Possibly placenta abruption or irritation. Also yes bruising can happen as baby is squeezed out of a small area

I would think it probably has something to do with the placenta

I’m sure the doctor would have discussed this with your friend.

It usually has to do with the placenta… placenta previa, vasa previa, preterm labor, it could be a number of different things. Sometimes after the fact they can’t determine the exact cause. As far as the DNC they really are making sure she is cleaned out to limit possible infection.

Hope the baby and mum ok
And yes sound like placenta abruption

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The bruising is from the baby coming out fast and rubbing against the bone. One of my daughters head was black and blue especially the face. She came out so fast the dr didn’t have time to turn her head. She was black and blue for a couple weeks. It didn’t bug her at all.

Could she possibly been carrying twins and lost one?

I bled and had subchorionic hemorrhage my entire pregnancy.

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Hemorrhage. She should get her iron levels checked, ultrasound, etc.

My son came out with his nose and upper lip bruised doctor said he was pushing too hard to get out

I agree sounds like hemorrhage

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Oml i never knew babys can get bruises on there faces coming out