My friend doesn't clean up after her kids at my house: Advice?

Is it not common sense that when you come to their house you make sure to watch your kids and ensure they aren’t destorying things? My friend will constantly bring her kids over, which I don’t mind. But I find myself watching then and cleaning up after them. She will bring them sticky food over and let them eat and not wash their hands or clean up their mess and it get’s me everytime. I feel like something like this should be common sense. Is it not?


Should be common sense… but that’s a rare thing these days.


Your house your rules real simple, if she can’t respect that, then she’s not a friend


Have you actually spoken to her about it?


I would just correct the kids. You make the rules in your home. While they may be able to do this in their home, it’s not ok in yours. If you friend doesn’t get the clue; I would stop having them over. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Lol I actually know slot of people like this​:joy:Drives me freaking insane. I make a point of always cleaning up after my children when I visit people. I’ll have friends come over who let their kids run amuck, destroying the place while they tend to other things. I’m like ummm helllo​:joy::rofl:


Absolutely not, that’s rude and disrespectful, speak to the mama or end get togethers at your place

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It’s definitely coming sense and she should be more considerate of your home and belonging. Definitely speak up and say something.

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I’ve been there as well. Although I’d rather have a friend bring there own food I’ve got horror story’s that’s for sure . Some people are just different then others

Deff would be common sense. Until her or her children followed your rules at your house then limit them coming over or go to a public place to meet up.

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Say something to her

Michelle Ketola you and I taking turns catching kids or wiping hands or this or that while in mid conversation lol

Go to her house and do the same to her, see if she says something to you about it


I personally always try to make sure my kids clean up any mess they make at someone’s house. If you know they are leaving soon, I would say to all the kids to help clean up before they leave. I find it to be rude, but that is just me. :woman_shrugging:


I clean up after my girls. But then again my dad their poppop is lil ocd. So my standards of cleaning and his is not the same. So he told me. And i do my hardest. So just talk to your friend and explain how you want YOUR HOME TO BE TREATED

Should be but alot of people just don’t care

I make friend’s kid’s clean up their mess at my home and even their own. :rofl:


Stop inviting her over.

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Start getting on to the kid. A lot. Hand the kid some cleaning supplies and see what happens :100:

If I invite them over I don’t mind the toys being thrown about my kid doesn’t it also. And if a friends kid is sticky or needs a face wiped I do that too. Now if they are breaking things that’s a different story. If you’re not okay with it find a different place to meet up. I have friends that come over because they just need a break from all the mom stuff and I’m there to help. Maybe she just needs a friend and a mom break :woman_shrugging:t3: talk to her about it nicely.