My friend got mad I didn't tell her I had a boyfriend: Thoughts?

My question is should I reach out to a friend who ignores me and is mad because I didn’t tell her I had a boyfriend? She seemed offended that I didn’t tell her, but it was a sticky situation. He’s my first boyfriend and had a baby with someone else. When I first met him, I didn’t really tell anyone. But she only found out because he posted it on Facebook, and someone she knows saw it and told her. I wasn’t trying to hide it from her, but she got all hurt from it. We have not talked for this long, and she was literally my only friend. I’m not sure why she’s so hurt or offended by this. We didn’t ever talk about boys, so that’s another reason why I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. This happened near the end of last year. She hasn’t talked to me since. Anytime I text her, she doesn’t answer. The last time she did, she made an excuse and said she’s been busy and then continued to ignore me after. I don’t feel like wasting my time but I am wondering if I should reach out to her and see what’s going on. We were really close until this happened last year. A lot happened to me last year as well, and I didn’t feel like talking about it. I didn’t think it would bother her sooo much and thinking I should of told her now because I think I lost her as a friend.