My friend has concerns her son has autism: Advice?

Hi. My best friend has a son who just turnt one 2 weeks ago, and she is concerned he is showing signs of autism. I try to tell he is still young and not to be worried right now. So some background. First, she didn’t put him on the floor to play till he was 11 months old. He stayed in her arms 24/7 except for in his walker, which still was maybe a 1 hour total all day not at once. He doesn’t respond to his name all the time and he doesn’t wave bye-bye. I pick at her and say he never needed to wave bye-bye because yall were literally joined at the hip but can anyone give me some advice for her to calm her and maybe help him catch up. Thanks


Sounds like she is the issue not autism


Right now it’s to early but she can get An Early Intervention Program she could schedule it now my friends son was like that but she would put him on the floor on top of a quilt and she was not holding him 24 7

I would suggest still going to see a specialist.
Even if she is the reason he lacks developmentally age appropriate skills, he still needs help getting to his appropriate age group.

No harm is done if addressed soon.

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Suggest a play date of similar aged children


She needs to have lots of play time on a padded rug with him so he doesnt get hurt bcuz she is the reason he is delayed


Her holding him constantly and not letting him play is most likely why he is delayed on a developmental level. Kids need that floor time to learn a lot of things. I would say see a specialist so she can learn developmental play things that she can do to help him catch up. Typically the child is too young to be displaying signs of autism. That comes at a little older

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She needs to speak to her health visitor, who can do any relevant assessments and advice.

She should take him to a specialist asap. NEVER Too soon

Is turnt really a word !? :laughing: isn’t it turned?

One or two things is not a sign of autism. And he is still pretty young. Is he not making eye contact? Does he smile if smiled at or smile at other things? Does he line things up? Does he stim or hand flap? Sensitivity to clothes, tags, foods, change in routine?
From what’s been described it sounds like the Mom is holding him back. He HAS to be set down to learn and explore, discover things, touch, feel, etc. She can keep a close eye on him of course, but my God - let him figure things out on his own.

Two sides to every story. I rather have a professional like her pediatrician do an evaluation to determine if the child needs a referral to Early Intervention or a Developmental Pediatrician than give an opinion based on one side of the story or not knowing the child. It doesn’t matter WHY the child is delayed in any area what matters is that the child gets the help they need to catch up or overcome any issues.

I have to say I did learn a lot from early intervention to specifically help my child and most new moms might need the extra help so they too can learn to help their children reach the Developmental milestones they are behind in. I trust a professional for that guidance a lot more than family and friends with no training in that area.

Have general pediatrician refer to a developmental pediatrician, also maybe an ear nose and throat doctor to evaluate ears and mouth for medical issues.

It sounds to me that the mum may of caused him to have developmental delay. I would suggest a Drs visit and ask for a referral to a specialist at the hospital who deals with children with developmental delay.

If she has concerns she needs to speak to her pediatrician. Most often they will tell you they are too young to be tested, but make them aware and continue to bring it up. I fought with my sons doctors and his school till he was in 2nd grade. It was his 2nd grade teacher who ended up helping us get him the help he needed. I noticed it with my son at a very young age and struggled with it for a long time. I highly recommend doing some research as there are other forms of autsim…such as autism spectrum disorder…commonly known as aspergers. Once i did my own research and took it to the doctor along with the testing from the school i was finally able to get a diagnosis and i had been right all along. Its never too early to ask and do whats best for your kid.

My 13 month is just now waving bye bye but before 1 she’d just put her hand up… if she didn’t allow him to be down on the floor or away from her he may be be hind in development and maybe asking the dr to evaluate the child…

My daughter is 15 months old now and she still don’t say or action bye bye. But she responds to her name since she was 4/5 months old. It’s good to take him for assessment or see a doctor. Please let that child have floor time and let him play. My daughter don’t like toys but she loves to explore the house and I let her. It’s mess everywhere but nothing is more important then her physical activity and learning.

They wont diagnose autism until a child is fine years old, prior to that it’s just development issues that they will work on with her. However, she needs to be spending time teaching and helping him learn.

1 is WAY too young to even consider Autism. Kids all develop differently.

Both my kids developed at their own pace. My youngest developed SO much fast than my oldest. Mainly because she watched her sister. She learned from her. If he isn’t learning these things at home than yes, he’s going to take time to do certain things.

It sounds like maybe she didn’t allow him to be independent. To explore his surroundings. It’s weird. I mean, both my kids were on the floor with play mats from birth and the moment they could sit up, they were in walkers, bouncers, I’d let them crawl all over my house. I talked to them, interacted with them, taught them things. If she isn’t doing this then yes, he’s going to be delayed a bit, but all kids develop differently.

I highly doubt he has Autism.


Tell her to take him to the Dr and she needs to be honest about how she treats him. He just sounds a bit delayed due to her coddling him his entire first year of life lol