My friend is mad that I got the same pram as her: Advice?

Hello, I would like people’s advice on my situation, this might sound really silly. My friend is going mad about the fact I have brought the same pram as her, at the time of getting the pram I didn’t know it was the same, she doesn’t want to be walking around with the same pram. I haven’t much money to buy another one, and I love the pram, what do I do?


Tell her to grow the fuck up.

Tell her to get the hell over it or she can buy you a different one


Tell her to get the fuck over it or find a better friend

Oh well🤷🏼‍♀️ let her be mad! Dont walk around with me then


Explain to her that her pram wasn’t a one off limited edition! There’s millions of the same pram…she should take it as a compliment that you liked hers or it was just a funny coincidence

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Who actually cares? Tell her the truth and if she can’t move on, then she’s got bigger issues than the stroller! :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


Tell her to get over it.


She’s a dumbass why are you even letting this bother you? She’s literally being so stupid it’s unreal. Tell her to fuck off

Really? Tell her to grow the fuck up. Let her have her tantrum, you don’t need friends like this. Life is NOT a competition.

Keep the pram. Ditch the “friend” :roll_eyes:


Tell her to get a different one if she has an issue :woman_shrugging:t2:


Who cares!! Its a stroller lol. Why worry about something so silly!! Haha happy new years

A pram is a stroller.

Your friend is not your friend, she’s petty and rude. With friends like that, who needs little bitches lol

Good grief, it’s a stroller to push around a child! Millions of parents have the same one. Not like you took her baby name. She can get over it.


See I had to actually look up what a pram was :joy: tell her to get over herself 🤷

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Keep Pram. Get new friend.


Keep the pram. Get a new friend. You don’t need friends like that.

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Does she think she is the only one in the world who can have that kind? Tell her to get over it.


Whats a pram and who cares seriously

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