My friend wants her husband to leave but he won't: Advice?

She currently has four girls. Stay at home, mom, because of her infant and toddler. Her husband works, but here’s the catch he goes to work when he wants to. He’s never home and always hanging out with the guys after work till after 12 am. He says he’s not cheating. He pays rent but is picky with the grocery money(limited spending) has a hard time giving his wife money to pay other bills. He cant hold, change, and bathe his infant. He doesn’t do house chores. He expects everything at home done ready and clean on top of that wants to be fed but is never on time for supper. She has asked him to move out many times, but he never listens, and she has taken the keys away many times also. But he just won’t leave. He won’t change, and she can get the “cops” to help because there isn’t any domestic violence involved. What should she do? TIA for a friend


She leaves then and stays with friends and family

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Take her kids and leave. She may have to be financially responsible anyway cause there’s no guarantee he will so she can move.

Then she should leave. She can start over. It’s not always about kicking him out. Sometimes we the women have to make that move


She needs to move out. And obviously stop sleeping with him


Get his financial info and get a lawyer


Is the house rented or the husband renting on the wifes house? Why don’t she relocate and never tell the husband about the new place. When ever he wants to see the kids they’ll meet in a public space, as he doesn’t even contribute on bathing nor changing them.

If their both on the lease there is nothing she can do with the police. She has to leave and take the kids with her. Get a good lawyer and go file for divorce and custody before leaving.

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He is a financial abusive narcissist


If he won’t leave then she leaves.

Well, they are married still so that gets complicated. First she needs to talk to a lawyer. Second she’s probably going to have to move with her babies if the house/rental isn’t solely in her name and wasn’t hers before they were married. Third she needs to get a job, because she’s not going to be able to take care of things without her own income. Most of all talk to a lawyer and leave. Sounds like what I went through and it’s not going to get better or change. You’ll eventually end up losing everything and he won’t buy and groceries. Good luck!!


File for divorce, claim financial abuse


Sounds like she is going to have to leave, he will never give up what he feels he paid for…file divorce w child and take hime for alimony to help cover you finances until employment can be established

She can move out, but then she is financially responsible.

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I would leave if I wanted out that bad . Oh heck I did just that with my 4 children . You get married to have a partner not a selfish person whom isn’t around anyway .

Get a legal seperation this way u wont be responsible for his shit and then collect child support i woukdnt tell him shit save up money whike u are still kiving enough for a place for u and kids then move get a legal seperation cause u just move out u are justcas responsible for his as he is with urs

I wouldnt duvorce him so easily yet legal seperation then if he strikes the lottery guess wat u only legally seperated get the idea right

Get a job and move out and do it herself?


But u get ur own place first then establish legal seperation cause u wouldn’t want to be responsible fir his shit whike u have ur own stuff to pay for

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Can you support yourself and your girls?

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