My friend wants to meet her exes new girlfriend but he won't allow it: Advice?

A friend found out her baby daddy had been cheating with multiple, and I mean over 19 females, their entire five-year relationship. She left him, and about three months later, he has a gf that is now around their child constantly. Friend wants to meet this new gf to make sure she knows who’s around her child. Ex and gf refuse to let mom meet the gf. Is she overreacting by being utterly upset? This new gf has been around her baby without her knowledge for about 4-5 months now.


It sounds like she only wants to meet her to cause drama. Are there legit concerns she has? Is there a specific reason she wants to meet her? Sorry to say, It’s his life and she needs to let it go. If she’s that concerned about it, then she needs to take him to court.

She has every right to be upset and meet the woman around her child, bUT now may not be the time. She needs to break it down that he wouldn’t want some strange man around the baby, and vice versa. Maybe you all can chat via text before meeting, but if this lady is going to stick around, they should meet and leave the drama elsewhere. For the baby’s sake :heart:

I was going to say the same thing. Good reply

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I think that YES, as the child’s mother it is only right that she get to meet the woman helping to care for her child.


I don’t think she’s overreacting. I’d personally want to know who was around my child because you just never know. But legally unless they have something in their custody agreement there isn’t much she can do. Without going back to court. Least were I live.


He is being an ass. You have every right to know who is around YOUR child!

Um, sounds like she’s not permanent yet. She shouldn’t be around the child to begin with until the parents have spoken about it. Period.


She has every right to know who her kids are around. My husband has kids with 2 other women and I willingly met them both as the kids come first


I am in the same boat…2 weeks into their new relationship she finally messaged saying to be a better mother…at which time I finally learnt her name. Yes I asked to meet her and I was told she was a babysitter so no need to meet her…6 week into their relationship family photos were done…yes family photos. They moved in together after 2 months and I still have never met her. My baby is going to be 3 in December they have only been together since September 2020

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I would want to meet someone that will be around my child all the time

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Every momma has every right to know who is around their child
Even if the baby dady is with a new person

The mother should be allowed to know who that person is


The child wouldn’t be around her if I wasn’t allowed to meet her


Check your papers. If they say you get to meet them then yes, but otherwise no.


If I’m not gonna get to meet said gf then neither is my child but that’s just me I wanna know my baby is gonna be ok around someone

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Unless its specific in court order, legally he doesn’t have to allow mother to meet new significant other but as a mother, I agree with wanting to meet new woman who will be influencing your kiddo.

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I’d be pissed. Her kid. She wants to know she has every right.

I don’t think she’s wrong for how she feels but unfortunately unless there is a legal reason she doesn’t have a say in who he brings around their child. She could go about it a legal way if she has legit concerns.


I just told my ex that I wanted to meet his wife before the kids were around her alone. We met up at his parents house. I met her then, my children spent the weekend with them.