My friends 4-year-old refuses to potty train: Advice?

I have a friend of mine who has a 4 year old who refuses to potty train. She’s tried everything from treats to underwear. She wants to get him potty trained so he can start preschool. Any ideas to help her out! Thanks in advance


My daughter sets alarm on her phone for every half hour. When my 22 month old granddaughter hears it she knows its time for potty. She got this tip from her daycare provider. She’s doing well and few accidents

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Take him to his school and show him what he is missing by holding it and maybe potty accidents…go potty go school make friends and play.

pant-less weekend, or regular underpants. Pulls ups are designed to make them feel dry. Noone likes to feel wet. also we used the “pee pee in the potty” song on youtube and got then entire family to help also.

My daughter told me she didn’t want to be potty trained so I told teachers and sent her in pull ups and told them to not worry about it. It wasn’t long and she didn’t want to wear pull ups anymore.

She should of started 3 years ago


I know this sounds weird, but when my boys were training, I would put cheerio’s/cereal in the toilet and have them “sink the cheerios”. It would seem the 4yr old wouldnt want the mess in his britches? If its just because he is refusing, maybe reach out to his doctor for some suggestions? Has he expressed a reason why he doesnt want to potty train? Maybe the flushing scares him?

Boys are tough! My son was 3 and a half when he finally got it, I started when he was 2 aswell

We gave our kids books while they were on the potty and we used a 2 hour schedule. (Every 2 hours they sat on the potty ) all ours learned quickly

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Its normal for boys to have a harder time pooping then girls. Mine was hospitalized 2x for it. Talk to his pediatrician for advice and slowly stop giving him the option of a diaper or pull up. Start slowly with naked time during the day. Then pull ups at night. Make him help clean up messes, etc…

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It’s against the law for schools to refuse to take children in nappies x

3days in the house with no bottom clothes on. Put a training potty in each room , the bathroom, and one in the hallway

Refuse to clean him up. Make him do it himself. Make him change whatever is wet or dirty and wash it out. Act like you can’t see or hear anything about his potty business. Of course a bath every night!


Cheerios in the toilet tell him. To sink em if he does make a big deal about it and reward him


He’s just not ready :woman_shrugging:t3:


Cheerios or mini marshmallows in the toilet for “Target” practice😁. We had a candy dish of M & M’s on the back of the toilet for rewards.


If its poop talk about how great big boy pants are. Maybe use his fave.superhero as a poop know …superman. Doesnt poop his pants he wears big boy pants

We made the girls try to use the potty every time one of us went after a couple weeks the youngest started playing the ill use the potty this time but not next time then shed only pee on the potty then only poop finally one night i locked us both in the bathroom (with tablet books and toys) and told her she wasnt leaving till she used the potty after like am hour she went pee and she hasnt worn a diaper or since (never tried pullups with the youngest cuz the oldest just treated it like a diaper i figured theyre a waste of money)

Consistancy is key here. Even if he doesnt go potty every time mom or dad has to go put him on the pot! Other people have sworn by letting them run around naked for a few days and yes there will be accidents. My mom sat me on the pot in front of the tv and it worked well!!! My son took a bit to potty train but just keep on putting him on the pot.

try the newspaper lol

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