My friends and family give me a lot of grief because my toddler doesn't eat meat: Advice?

I get a lot of grief from some of my friends and husband’s family about our two years old not eating meat yet. We don’t eat meat on a daily basis, and we just never introduced it to her. We’re not really opposed to her eating it; we just like the benefits she’s getting from a diet high in micronutrients, and meat just isn’t necessary yet. Her pediatrician said she’s getting plenty of protein and B vitamins, and her weight, height, and health are perfect. She’s never been sick and has energy for days! Even after telling them, she’s as healthy as a horse; we’re still ridiculed for it. Do any other moms have vegetarian kiddos? How do you deal with the “no meat drama”?


They should be happy your raising her to eat healthy and not junk food

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My son won’t eat meat hardly at all. It’s a texture problem. Your kid, not their business to worry about. 🤷

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Ur kid, ur choice! My son is not big on it either.

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My son doesn’t eat meat. No one in my household does. I really don’t pay attention to what my family has to say about it. Not their business.

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My kids ages 5 and 2 don’t eat meat .my kids just don’t like meats

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If your kids didn’t come out of their vagina it’s really none of their business. Who cares what they think?

Everyone is always going to have an opinion about something. It’s your child, not their business honestly.
If the child was malnourished and not healthy that’s a different story
My daughter has a problem with textures and with the smells of food… it’s a struggle to get her to try new foods at all. But the limited food she does eat keeps her healthy and doctors say she’s fine

My daughter would not do it either… and I just ignore my family, is my child not theirs, and our pediatrician said she is healthy so I’m not pressuring my daughter.

my kiddo is “vegetarian” by choice basically. she’s 6 she broke a tooth when she was 2 and just never liked the texture… Now we still try and offer it to her and she says she doesn’t like the taste or texture still. she will eat turkey breast sliced and very crispy bacon and that’s it… the child is healthy and that’s all that matters. just make sure they’re getting their protein and iron and tell the people bugging to go eat a steak and enjoy it, your child doesn’t have too…

My 7 yr old old rarely eats meat and even then it’s crispy bacon or chicken cooked a certain way. She’s been like that since she started eating solid food. I had to learn to ignore comments from other people but it wasn’t easy. It’s my child and as long as she’s getting enough nutrients then other people can quite literally jump off a cliff for all I care

Sssooo if the doctor is saying she if perfectly fine why do you guys care what others think ? This is the thing people need to stop caring what others have to think . It’s your choice if you wan to listen to them . You can only hear there opinions but you can literally tell any one no matter related or not you don’t care :woman_shrugging:. If you know you are doing good . Then who cares what others think !!!

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We offer my 3 year old meat along with her brother and sisters and she’s just not interested. The others eat it no problem. She’s happy and healthy so no biggy! You do you, they’re your kid/s x

My son just started eating meat and he’s almost 5. He’s never cared much for meat except if it was a burger. I never pressured him either. You do what you feel comfortable with

As long as the doctor says your child is healthy, fuck what other people think.

It’s none of their business. Period. Don’t allow these people any headspace. You don’t owe these people any explanations.

Being a mom, people will always have something negative to say, good thing their opinions are meaningless.


We are meat eaters, but my youngest will always choose fruits and veggies over meat and chicken. She gets protein from peanut butter and occasionally eggs. She’s perfectly healthy. Who cares what anyone thinks?

Get protein in her in other areas like eggs or peanut butter and she’s fine. Don’t let people tell you how to raise your child. It’s easier said than done, but that’s YOUR baby.

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That is completely normal for toddlers. Went thru with my 2 oldest who are now teenagers and currently with my 3yr old. It’s not a big deal. If your pediatrician is fine, your kid is healthy, then ta hell with anyone else. My favorite saying is " if u are not financially supporting or provided half of my child’s dna mind yo dam bidness".

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