My friends child is being bullied: What should we do?

My friend’s daughter started middle school in a new town this year. The girls at her new school have been bullying her. Yesterday she came home wholly devastated. The girls told her a boy liked her and wrote fake notes asking her to be his girlfriend. When she went up to him and told him, she liked him too, and yes, she would be his girlfriend, everyone laughed at her and made fun of her for the rest of the day. She refused to go to school today, which I completely understand, and today they decided that she is going to be homeschooled. Has anyone been through bullying with their kids and have advice?


Sounds like it’s time she learned how to throw a proper throat punch…


Damn. I just got all white trash so imma hold my answer lol.
Lets just say if my kids going to be homeschooled, it’s because she punched that kid right in the f****** mouth LOL.

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Ugh. Go straight to the source. Talk to the parents, principal, kids and if it continues, press harassment charges.


Why make your daughter have to be homeschooled?!..make bullies go do thier homeschool and stood your ground go to princals have talk about this…bullies is not okay


Sounds to me like she should have knocked them on their butts. 🤷


I loose my shit so i dk … Id be up at that school pullin teachers, kids and parents out the class goin off 🤷

I’m that mom that would be in that school telling those kids to leave her alone MYSELF! Not appropriate though however almost guaranteed the little brats will leave her alone.


Yes. My daughter was bullied by this one brat who was so sneaky that she wasn’t caught. She would bully other kids too. She’d hit them with books when the teacher wasn’t looking, she would take their things and their food at lunch. I was about to snatch her mama up! This year we are doing online school and we love it! Btw, so sorry that happened. Kids are so cruel!

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Yes mom give them the stink eye. If school doesn’t help, she belongs somewhere else

tell the principal, that should always be dond first, and if that doesnt work, talk to the parents

Yes, I went straight to the source. I talked to the school and parents of the kids. We all had a meeting and it stopped.

Kids are terrible. I’m so afraid my daughter will be bullied because of her sweet nature.

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By home schooling her u teaching her to run away from her problem. Go see the principal


If she still has the notes, make copies then take them to the principal, and explain what happened. This bullying issue with kids these days needs to be treated as against the law, make these kids do true community service working for those less fortunate than themselves, picking up trash in parks in those bright orange vests, or if out in the country, shoveling cow patties for farmers. 3rd offense takes them to 30 days of juvi. I’m so sick of hearing stories like this, and worse and no real punishment for the bullies. Bullying will never end if we don’t do something real about it.


I’m teaching my kids to punch anyone who bullies them. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: is it right? Nope. But i was bullied and i will not let my kids go.through that. Had I just beat the shit out of my bullies I’m pretty sure they would have left me alone. Especially because schools don’t care. They support bullying.

Her mom sounds like shes being her advocate.
Sounds like other things haved happemed too…
If they both are up for homeschool, seems like a good choice


The best way to handle a bully is to confront them directly, in public. Walk up to them haul off and just bitch slap them. They’ll be shocked that you had the balls to fo that, and in the 1 to 2 seconds that they’re standing there in disbelief, is when you strike. Pounce on them and whip their ass.
You might get beat up, you might get in trouble, but at least you proved to everyone that you’re not afraid to standup for yourself.

Tell her to punch the meanest girl out the group… 3 day suspension but them girls will think twice :woman_shrugging: