My friends husband refuses to let her buy anything until the baby is born: Thoughts?

My friend is 32 weeks pregnant. She is not having a baby shower, nor has she bought anything for the baby. She said her husband said it was a stupid idea to buy anything till the baby comes. She wants to buy stuff but doesn’t in fear of an argument etc. She loves her baby, just not sure why the husband is unwilling. They have a blended family of kids in the house. No babies so there isn’t anything baby… should she go against his wishes and buy and also trying to understand why he’s so unattached about it like it’s not happening in a few weeks.


Does she know what shes having

No one… husband or not is going to tell me what I can and can not buy for our child. Lol
Sounds like she is scared of him.


It’s stupid to buy things before the baby is born? The only stupid thing here is that pretentious man


Hmmm, it’s NEVER too early to start buying diapers. Just sayin! Keep all the receipts. He needs to quit being an ass. :woman_shrugging:t4:

She needs at least enough baby stuff to last until shes able to go shopping after the baby. Wash clothes, recieving/swaddle blankets, baby clothes, diapers, formula, a bassinet or crib for the baby to sleep. What exactly is he planning to do, drag her and the newborn to the store the day she gives birth? He sounds ridiculous


Man I hope shes ready for his bullshit to crank way the fuck up when she has this baby and he feels like theres no escape for her

Not putting be up with his shit

Ok so what about a car seat? And the clothes to go home in? The baby can’t travel home using a seat belt and just wearing a nappy! She needs to buy some essential things at least!


She needs to get stuff together and be ready for it… and if he wont let her she may need to get out while she can. For some reason he dont want this baby, we know he wont go buy the stuff once the baby is here… someone needs to help her and get a shower together


The husband is a moron. No one would tell me what I could or couldn’t buy for my child.


She needs to have a conversation with her husband and ask why he feels this way. Then she can tell him she is going to buy the baby stuff and that she doesn’t agree with him. It’s stupid to be unprepared.

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Well baby has to have a car seat and clothes in order to even come home. To me or sounds more like an abusive relationship. Or maybe he has no planes of her bringing the baby home and is going to try and make her give the baby up, or maybe he is just going to split and leave her to do it all by herself. I have seen that happen before to a lady I knew.


Have a Surprise baby shower for her


Has he suffered through an infant loss or know someone who has? That could be why he is responding this way.


I started buying when i found out at 5 weeks… She needs a new husband


Lol “let her”? Smdh it’s not 1945 and it’s not Ricky won’t let Lucy have a dress


She should, get rid of him and go on a shopping spree.


Well he’s stupid and I’m surprised a family member hasn’t brought up how dumb that idea is. Idk this is why I tell people hold off on having a baby with someone until you see their true colors.

Just go buy the baby shit.

This doesn’t make sense! What is the baby going to wear when it gets here?