My girlfriend cheated but wants another chance: What should I do?

I broke up with my girlfriend after she cheated on me, and we have been together for 20 years. She really hurt me, and I can’t get myself to forgive her, but now she’s saying she is sorry and don’t want to lose me. We have a daughter together who is ten, and I have a six-year-old little boy anyway. We still live in the same house, but she said that she is not gonna leave me alone until I give her another chance cuz she is not ready to give up on us yet and that I’m all she wants for the rest of her life and I keep telling her I don’t want to get back together what should I do


don’t move on she made her choice

Once a cheater always a cheater :woman_shrugging:


Okay, please correct me if I’m wrong. You’ve been together 20 years you’s have a daughter together, but ‘you’ also have a 6 year old son… He is not your ex girlfriends child? Does that mean you have cheated on her, in the past?.. :thinking: And by the sounds of it… She had maybe forgiven you, hence why you’s were still an item, upon her cheating on you? My apologies if I’m wrong… Just found this confusing. And my personal opinion, you do you, how do you think you could deal with trying to make the relationship work ect… Me personally I couldn’t do it.

Question??? If you two been together 20 years …and have a 10 year old daughter together …then how do you have a 6 year old son that’s not hers as well? :woman_shrugging:t3:


^^ wondering the same


So you’ve been together twenty years but aren’t married. You have a six year old that from the sound of it isn’t hers which means you were doing dirt with someone else a few years ago yourself, and now you’re mad she did it? The fact that in twenty years it hasn’t been serious or important enough to make it permanent and legal tells me you guys probably aren’t doing much but killing time and settling anyway. Just walk away and make a clean break for your daughter.


Together 20 years…10 year old daughter together but you have a 6 year old boy “anyway”…assuming the distinction is because the 6 year old is not your child together…but, you’ve been together for 20 years :face_with_monocle:…I guess the saying is true…“some people can dish it but can’t take it”


Both bad as each other poor kids x


Where does it say the 6 yr old ISNT hers? Isnt that presumptuous?


They have a 10 yr old together. 6 yr old that is his. Its safe to say the boy isn’t hers. He bluntly said it.


You cheated also right. 20 years and s 6 year old. Just wondering

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So sounds like the son you have isn’t from her? And together for 20 yrs sounds like you cheated first. Grow up


If you have a six year old an she has a 10 year old an you guys have been together for 20 years… Something isn’t adding up.


I don’t get the 20 years together but it’s worded like your son is with someone else? If you don’t want to get back together leave ? If there’s no trust you have nothing talk and tell her how you feel and make it plain you don’t want her …stop wasting both your time

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RUN you will never trust her again

You’ve been with her 20yrs and have a six year old that isn’t hers :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:. Seems cheating has been going on for awhile from both of you


Sounds like payback to me!!


Maybe they’ve been broken up for over 6 years ???

Guys always hate when the shit they do to us women is done to them, they cant handle it…:grimacing::roll_eyes: