My grandmother doesn't respect my parenting rules: Advice?

So my grandmother meaning my sons great grandmother refuses to respect our rules and we don’t know what we can do to enforce it. The other day we went to my grandmothers and I told my son no pool only to turn around to her letting him get in the pool, and we’ve told her a few time she’s not allowed to kiss him on the face and she won’t stop kissing his lips we just don’t know what to do is it okay to not allow her alone with him and to always take him away from her when she breaks rules


If they can’t respect your rules then i would tell her you won’t be visiting anymore

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If i told him no pool n he got in anyway visit would have been cut short he woulda got out of the pool got dressed n went home i wouldnt have let him stay in the pool n if she kisses him on the lips after u said no we would be leaving right then n there by u staying after this is being done you allow it to get as far as it did smh


her hiouse her rules


Yes your the parent you make rules she dont respect it then sorry …

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Don’t let him see her anymore until she quits. And tell her exactly why you’re taking him away

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Glad i aint your kid


I wouldn’t visit anymore unless she agrees to respect your rules as the child’s parent. I know it’s hard, but if you don’t set clear boundaries (especially with family) you will be dismissed and disrespected time and time again

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Don’t take them over I think ur over reacting it’s a grandma job to spoil them


I’m sorry. Because she is a great grandparent and neither of these things are harmful to your child, I think you should let her spoil him. She won’t be around forever. Hopefully he will have fond memories of how she was the only one that got away with defying you lol. My babies don’t even have grandparents, let alone great grand parents. I kind of wish I had this problem.


Be thankful he has a great grand parents I would do anything for my grandmother to still be here my son was her world I’m glad that what little time my son had with her they were able to make memories together memories last a life time but life doesn’t cherish the time and memories you and your son have with her. I would do anything to still have my grandmother here today watching my son grow!!!


I wish my grandma’s were still around to kiss my babies all over and break all my “rules” :sleepy:


I would’ve gotten him out of the pool. Then I would’ve reminded him I said no pool.

It’s memories that are being created with someone who won’t be around forever. I can see that it would be frustrating but imagine how guilty you would feel if you kept him away and something happened to her. Hopefully you all can find a compromise!

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I understand that’s your child your rules but c’mon that’s what Grandma’s and aunts are for. As long as your kid is safe and she isn’t harming him in any way, just let her… Of course like I said your child your rules

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Parenting in general needs a lot of balance.
Being a parent and visiting takes even more.

Take a step back. Try to look at the situation from the outside in. Try taking a look at your “motives” for things.

Why did you not want him in the pool? Was he in danger? Was it too cold? Had he been in trouble? Was it just an inconvenience in some way?
Saying no because it’s cold or dangerous or because of an existing consequence is pretty legit. Explain that. I know we as parents dont feel like we should have to; but it doesnt hurt a damn thing to extend a little courtesy and say “I dont want him in the pool because of such and such danger”

If theres not a genuine legit reason for saying no…then consider not saying no before hand and hear grandma out when she asks. Really consider letting them have that time and those memories together. You’ll get over the inconvenience…I promise but the memories are special.

As far as kissing goes. I can understand not kissing him on the mouth…but you said face. That includes forehead and cheeks as well.
Which is similar to saying shes not supposed to give him kisses at all.
So of course she ignores you.
Try to loosen the reigns a bit. Try to find a balance.
Having a my way or no way parenting style just pisses everyone off and makes everyone miserable…including yourself.

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I would give almost anything to have my grandmother here to not listen to my rules. She isn’t harming your child, let her spoil him.

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It the grandmother that what they do spoil they grandkids

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Rules are rules

However, now that I’ve lost my grandmother, I only wish she was able to break all my rules and love these babies the way she loved me!!!


Damn its grandma… glad im not your kid, i had an awesome grandma that still kisses me and all my kids. Spoils me and them, and i love it!!!
And i let her​:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: