My grandmother never listens to my rules when it comes to my son: Advice?

Does anyone have this problem with anyone? I usually hear this from my grandmother when she is taking to my child saying ‘we have to follow moms rules’ or ‘we need to listen to what mom says’ then turn around and won’t listen when I tell her to stop doing even the simplest of things with my child-like telling her not to put underwear on them and let them run around commando for a bit. I turn around, and she has done it anyway after being specifically told not to. It bugs me to no end. Am I the only one with this problem?


I mean…if it’s something that endangers their life, or even something like dietary restrictions, I’d say youd have every right to be ticked. However…putting pants on your kid? Not really the end of the world, is it? Be thankful.


Wait are you telling the grandma to let them run around naked. Or is she just letting them run around naked. Regardless kids need on underwear like at all times


Wait, you are telling your grandma not to put underwear on them, and let them run around commando, and she is putting underwear on them anyway, and that’s making you mad?


My mother took my daughter out of her carseat while I was driving the other day because she was crying. I had to stop the car and put her back in the carseat, then try to explain why she couldn’t take her out and hold her. She just didn’t understand that you couldn’t drive down the road without the baby being in the car seat I had to tell her she could either leave the baby in the car seat or she can find her own damn ride home

Why would you want your kids running around naked without you present?

Gramas and papas have different rules. If it isn’t hurting them guess what. It won’t change. Gramas let you eat ice cream for breakfast. Grama raised your mom. Good luck hun. It can be frustrating but pick your battles. Just don’t visually argue with her over your kid in front of your kids or it’ll Escalade


Omg, you can’t just tell her what to do. And expect her to do as you please. If you don’t like it, do it yourself :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: or maybe hire a babysitter that would follow your orders.

Grandmas do what they want. It is what it is. :joy::joy:i know my mom does anyway


She won’t be around forever! It will just be memories one day … As long as she is not hurting them let them make there memories! I would give anything to have my parents or grandparents still here to sneak them cookies or whatever…


So many questions. Is grandma babysitting? For free? Why does the kid run around naked? I’d say pick your battles… you can’t control everything. If she’s babysitting and for free I’m assuming, pay a babysitter. Then have her follow your rules. It’s going to be awkward when a nosey neighbor calls CPS about a kid running around naked…

Thats a fairly petty reason to be upset with ur grandma… i’ll just go ahead and quote my dear granny who has been gone from this earth nearly 19 years now " im old, ive seen alot of things, ive done alot of things, ive probably forgotten more in my life then most will ever know…"i would have given my left arm if she could have been alive to see ans spend time with my children and you better believe i would have let her spend that time however she saw fit! Count your blessings or good luck getting another free babysitter who will love and care for your kids with the love and care of a grandmother

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Is this her house? I mean if she doesn’t want to see baby bits you kinda have to follow her house rules. If she’s a guest in your home you should put pants on the little buggers lol weird thing to fight about pal

Lol I’m sorry I’m s grandma of 5 and I’m sure I drive my sons and dils crazy

Look doesn’t matter if it’s not hurting them dont worry about it…my kids never got to meet my mom and only had both thier grandpa’s for a short while…never got to meet any of great grandparents…relax and laugh

Might be the odd one out here but if someone wants to spend time with my daughter, family or not, they’re going to follow my rules or she won’t be coming over anymore. Going commando is a pretty common potty training technique. If the mother or father asks you to follow their parenting style or rules, you should do so. Being family doesn’t mean they can do what they want. It’s called respect. If they don’t wanna give it then they can come visit my child at my house, they won’t be spending time unattended there. It shouldn’t be that difficult to respect the wishes of the parent.


I would talk to her. If it continues I wouldn’t let her see my child alone.


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Imagine not having Grandma around. Does your perspective change?

First I have 6 kids that would LOVE to have people in their lifes whom would love them. With that pick your battles. My kids hated clothes but all were potty trained really young (6months-14months) let your babies be loved especially if its not harmful to them… my dad died young but wouldve done anything to be gpa to my kids… this breaks my heart