My grandson needs glasses but his dad is against it: Advice?

Just learned my 3-year old grandson is significantly far-sighted and will need glasses. My son-in-law is very upset to the point he says he won’t have his son wearing glasses. For him, it goes beyond vanity. He is convinced his son will be bullied. We would have never known he needed glasses by his behavior or actions. He can name a lot of dinosaurs - even obscure ones- and tons of Pokémon. He’s exposed to these through a tv that is high on the wall. He has not been able to learn colors, numbers or letters because his exposure to these is on an iPad. My daughter works for an optometrist. She likely wouldn’t have considered having him tested otherwise. What have others experienced? Will my bright, outgoing grandson be bullied? And will this impact him negatively?


If he can’t read he’ll have larger problems.
The longer he waits, the more strain on his eyes.


My daughter has had glasses for 2 years now. We have had no issues. Her glasses change colors so her friends think they are super cool. Its pretty sad that a father cares more about image than a child learning properly :frowning:


He will not be bullied. A lot of kids wear glasses including my 10 year old daughter who started wearing them at 4 she also wears hearing aids. If his dad waits his son will become behind in school.

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If he needs glasses then he needs glasses . point blank .
He’s going to have issues if it gets put off just because of the dads opinion .
Stop making it a thing and get the kiddo what he needs … Christ .

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The child needs glasses. Not getting them for him borders on abuse. If he’s farsighted he can’t see close up which means learning letters and numbers, drawing and coloring, and fine motor skills will be affected. Ask his father if he’d rather have a child labeled with a learning disability because that’s what will happen.


He will fall behind other kids and that may cause bulling in school when it ccan be prevented no brainer their dad

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He will not be bullied unless his father does it from the sounds of it. 4 of 9 of my kids wear glasses and no one ever says anything.

Get him the glasses, deal with the bullying later if it happens

I feel like he’ll be more bullied if he’s tripping and falling and can’t read/learn in school because he can’t see… get the kid some glasses. If he uses them now he may be able to correct the vision issues and not wear them any more. This is crazy to me that a father would put his insane thoughts above his own child’s health. He probably bullied kids for wearing glasses and this is his comeuppance lol

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I’d say let him get glasses and go from there.

I think being able to see is pretty important. Dad’s being unreasonable

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My daughter wears glasses, and she isn’t bullied… your son will cause your grandson more problems with his eyes if he doesn’t get him glasses, not to mention he won’t be the only kid wearing glasses if he needs them then he should have them

My daughter is 13 she has been in glasses since the age of 4 never once has she been bullied. If your grandson don’t wear his glasses that where the problem will be he will fall behind his grade level it will be :100: harder if not impossible for him to do some school tasks because he can’t see for God sake let that poor boy wear his glasses so he can see and Excell in life oh and may I mention that by not getting his glasses his medical needs are being neglected

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No, I do not think he will be Bullied!! Lots of children wear glasses. He will be fine! Lots of kids think Glasses are COOL!!!

At that age kids think glasses are cool

My daughter’s been wearing glasses since she was 4 and is 13 now. She’s never been bullied.

Nope. I have worn glasses since the age of 2. I have never been bullied. 8 am now 43. My daughter has also worn glasses since the age of 2. She has never been bullied. She is now 12, and has the option for contacts. She said, “Heck no…glasses are in mom!”

He needs glasses! Needs them! If he’s bullied then sort it out but he needs glasses!


I’ve had glasses since I was 4 years old. I was never bullied for them.

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