My huband has cheated multiple times and I don't want to raise my kids in a broken home:Advice?

I have three kids with my husband. We have been together for almost ten years. It’s been a rough marriage. He has cheated numerous times, and I forgive and forgive and forgive. Now I’m at the point idc anymore. He wants an open marriage. Should I just leave or stay? I want my marriage; he won’t go to counseling. (Done tried) I’m lost. I don’t want to raise my kids in a broken home.


It’s not healthy to raise your children in an unhealthy relationship! Listen to your heart and mind and gut! He obviously is not interested in your relationship or marriage! Personally I believe letting him go is best as hard as it will be give him what he wants which obviously is not your marriage! Your children will be fine just try to have a healthy co-parenting relationship. And just because your husband doesn’t want counseling you should go to counseling to help you deal with the changes and stress and maybe consider it for your children as well to help them learn to adjust to changes. Good luck to you and God Bless!


Honey your home is already broken…you and your children need to be respected and he is not doing it…just pray for strength and move on…you might see just how happy you and the kids can be…you aren’t helping your kids by being a doormat for him…Best to you


Hope your holiday season is much better

Some-times you just have to walk away, it will be hard, but you & your Children don’t deserve that kind of heartache, if you stay your kids are going to figure it out eventually, they then will think it’s ok, to do that when they’re older…It’s abuse in a way, you’re home taking care of the family and the house and he’s having his cake and eating it too…Best of Luck to you…Time to move on…


Young lady. There is a lot of good advice. But tell him how u fell an hand him is bags let him find a place to live an get to a good friend and have a good cry. An one day at a time and you an your beautiful kids can move on. Prayers


Your home is broken whether he’s there or not. Your children are learning this is normal.


Leave…God has a plan for you and that man is simply not a part of it! This is what I was told and it was like a light bulb went off…best thing I ever did

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My kids are from a quote broken home, they are wonderful and staying in a relationship like that would be worse.


In your heart you know the answer.


Life will be better when you leave you may actually like each other more as friends. Your just scared of the unknown that’s all. Be civil and it will work out.


Move on and make a happy home for your children.

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You are already in a broken home! Leave or make him leave! Kids need to see love!


It’s better to be from a broken home than live in a broken home.

My children, when they became older teens, actually found me a divorce lawyer, took me there and paid for it. They were that unhappy about the situation.

Trust me if you stay it will damage your kids future. Leave

If you’re not currently going to church, find a church that you feel comfortable in. God will give you Direction.! Don’t let your children grow up to think that this is normal.

How many times are you willing to let him hurt you an the kids be better off too it seems to me he doesn’t respect you or your kids if has cheated that much already…

It’s already broken. When he wanted to have outside relationships.thats unhealthy for your children

Your home is already broken. Get the hell out of there now