My husbad will not let my daughters gay guy friend sleep over: Thoughts?

Good afternoon, mamas! Tell me I’m not the ‘silly’ one here as what I was referred to for letting my daughter’s gay guy friend sleepover. They’re 13/15, by the way. She has lots of friends sleeping over from time to time, so I didn’t think it would be such a big deal. I have gay guy friends too so, what’s the difference with him ? Oh, and it is my husband who doesn’t like this.


I’m not sure my SO would allow that either… However I feel like it would be okay. Maybe with some different rules. No shutting the door. Sleeping in the living room. Hanging out with everybody :woman_shrugging:t2:

I agree with the dad. there are too many boys out there pretending to be gay just to get the affections of a female.


Sadly alot of guys pretend to be gay


Regardless of sexual orientation, it’s still a male. I agree with dad. People will talk etc and it will put your daughter in a rough spot.


I agree with dad, doesn’t matter gay or straight. He has a penis doesn’t belong at a female sleep over at that age


I slept over my gay friends house all the time and it was awesome memories. We are still friends 37 yrs later

My experience with this was fine. My daughter is 14 and the boy was 13 there was also 2 other girls there. Never had one problem. I can seem where it may seem sketchy but maybe the dad can meet the boy on a few occasions and ask questions and things.

I agree with dad all the way!


Not all ppl that claim to be gay really are.


I totally agree with dad! AINT HAPPENING


Does he know if her girl friends are gay? I’m thinking he’s worried about sex

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I wouldn’t let him either. He’s still a boy. Just bc he is gay does not change that.


He wont touch a girl if he is truely gay…but. Youth can try things to see…be sure…and Dads right …be safe not sorry.

im torn, if he is known gay (not just to my daughter but to his parents as well), then i probably allow him to stay but sleep in seperate rooms…But i also am a parent of a lesbian daughter and her best friend is a straight male, and yes i would allow him to stay…because i trust my daughter and who she picks as friends.

I don’t care if he’s gay or not, a boy should never be allowed to stay all night with a girl! I could hear my Dad now if I would of ask him that when I was a teenager!!

What if your daughter is gay? Do you still allow females to spend the night?


Only family sleeps over sorry no friends guy or girl


I agree with Dad. Their Born Male.


Nope, no boys-gay or not.