My husband and I are having issues: Advice?

So my husband and I have been having issues lately. Mostly because I’m done dealing with bullshit. So the back story we’ve has been married five years been together for 6. have three kids, and I’m a stay at home mom. My problems are he only thinks of himself and the things he wants /needs. Our kids need new beds, and he’s worried about buying a gun that he had to sell because he got upset and broke our tv. He never wants to do anything with the kids. He just comes home from work and jumps right on the video games, never wants to spend time with us, and admitted that we should not have gotten married and had so many kids. he said he married me under pressure from his family. (they’re very religious) shortly after we were married, I reconnected with my best friend from high school(male). He got upset and thought I was sleeping with him( i wasn’t), but he uses that as an excuse as to why he’s so cold towards us and doesn’t want to do anything. It was 5/6 years ago, and he won’t get over it. Last night he told me he would take the kids from me, and I would never see them again. Called me a shitty mom/wife. I don’t know if I should leave and take a chance of not seeing my kids or just stay and deal with, it


You need to get a job and get the hell out of there.


Leave and take your kids with you


Number 1, just bc you leave doesn’t mean you won’t see your kids. But if you want to leave then do it, there’s many resources that can help if you need it.


See ya Dad! You deserve better, ma’am!

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Sounds to me like he’s bluffing. And if he left. I doubt he would take the kids. He doesn’t spend any time with them now. Leave his ass and find a real man

Get out now…it’s just going to get worse…unless he can prove you’re an unfit mother he can’t take your kids from you.


You are rights talk to a Christian counselor

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Unless he catches you on video doing drugs and hitting the kids, he can’t take them away. You’ve been their primary care giver. Leave and take the kids. He can’t do anything legal until there is a court order.


Are you forgetting for better or worse-try to work things out-get you a second shift job and let him keep the kids while you work


I just one week ago left my husband because he was so controlling and every time he spent a penny on me he would resent me for it because he didn’t spend it in himself. He controlled everything. He wouldn’t even allow me to go grocery shopping. Wanted to pick out my clothes and always grabbed my phone when it rang. 6 gears of that and my health started failing from the stress. I am now divorcing him. My health is more important


Leave and take your kids. File for emergency custody and use his threat.

As a sahm you are the primary caregiver. Save any texts that might prove he is less fit.


Gtf away from this waster he’ll never get your kids I’d be gone and he wouldn’t find me that a fact. You be well rid let him go back to mammy seems been a man looking after his family is not for him .Once your free divorce this asshole get a real man next time round m

What’s the rest of the story. Theres another man involved. Are you looking for reasons to leave because of that? Like now you are nit picking everything so you can leave. I’m asking because my best friend does this


Lots of men use the ""I will take the kids from you " threat when in reality he don’t want them …don’t sound like you can get a job right now to dave money .I suggest you have him move out apply for government help than start looking for a job …no reason to stay in a relationship where you are the only trying and being mental abused… everyone deserves to be happy


You need to leave with your kids and lawyer up!!

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Leave his dumb ass and take your kids with you…

Leave and take the kids… if he has a temper document it.

If you are done with the bull than you make a life plan to get away from it. Your husband sounds like your typical man child wanted sex just not to have to deal with consequences of it, and had to have a family but doesn’t want a family because he’s not emotionally prepared. You can’t make someone grow up and be the person that you want them to be. He’s not going to be the sole care giver for the kids since can’t parent when you are there so he’s unhappy and saying stuff to hurt you. I would because you are married with kids try and get him to counseling. He may just need some help for himself and maybe need medications or something. It also may make him realize that you are serious about what happens if he doesn’t try to work on the marriage. Don’t stay and think he’s going to just wake up one day and really be different. People change if they want to and he’s not interested in that now. Good luck.

He’s only saying that because he’s trying to make you stay, he isnt going to want that responsibility so he really isnt telling the truth.