My husband and I are struggling to get pregnant: Advice?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for ten months. We recently found out that he has low sperm count and low motility. Has anyone been able to conceive naturally after similar news? I have kids from a previous relationship, and we are having been hitting ovulation every month, but it’s just not happening. Our next step is IUI or IVF, but I’m just looking for people who have been through it. Thanks!


Check out and Try. Thwre are vitamins and things that he can take to help him out.

My boyfriend has low sperm count due to chemotherapy and all and I took evening primrose for 2 months and I’m now 17 weeks pregnant

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One thing that has helped many men is wearing cotton briefs, the woven cotton, it allows his junk to stay cooler.

There are lots of things you can try.
First , he must have matured sperm available to conceive. This means he should not perform more than every 48 hours.
Secondly, make sure he is wearing loose fitting clothing on the bottom half.
Third, make sure you are both at optimal health. Examples, exercise, eat healthy, drink lots of water, healthy weight, no alcohol or any tobacco products.
Remember, even most couples can take a year to conceive .


Try taking black seed oil pills. I got them off amazon. Worked for us twice

My best friend had this issue and they tried for a yr. A naturalist told him to go without a “release” for 2 weeks or longer and then on prime ovulation time his sperm would be more potent

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My husband stopped drinking energy drinks, and started taking ashwagandha and maca root.

My husband and I tried for almost 3 years, we were set to do an IUI but the lockdown happened so we had to cancel, we ended up conceiving during quarantine without expecting it.


For 11 years we had unprotected sex because we thought my husband was sterile. Bam!! He’s not sterile, I’m 45 with a 2 year old.

We did. My husband has the same issue. We’ve been married 19 years, together 25 and our kids are 16, 14, 7. So it took awhile but eventually happened

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What kind of underwear does he wear? I heard that if he where breifs that are tight on him it does more damage to the sperm. But if he is wearing boxers.

I would give preseed a try!

No advice, but I had my daughter using IVF. Sending love and support! :hugs:

My husband has that issue. We didn’t find out until 3 years of us trying. My dr told me to start taking prenatals and start using ovulation tests. She said once I had a positive on the test to have sex every other day for 5 days (everyday if we wanted). We ended up getting the one a day couples vitamins. It’s prenatals for the woman and vitamins for him that help promote healthy sperm. I was pregnant within 2 weeks of doing that.

My sons father and I tried for 2 years after I had my iud removed. I read somewhere that you’re most fertile a week or two after your period, so we made a point of timing things to correspond to that. Not sure if it’s true or not buut I was pregnant less than a month after that.

There’s certain lubes you can get called “conceive plus” and a few different brands if you haven’t tried anything like that. There’s also fertility products for your husband as well that could help sperm count and help with the process! Just look up fertility supplements for men.

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After trying for 3 years with times intercourse and having several sperm test that showed zero “healthy” sperm. We gave up. The next month I was miraculously pregnant. It sounds so cliche but just when we stopped stressing it happened. We now have two boys 5 and 3. The 5 year old took 3 years and the 3 year old about 18 months.

It took 2 years to get pregnant with my first son I got pregnant with my daughter in 5 months there is apps to track when you ovulate give it a little more time it will happen

Vitamin E, both of you.