My husband and I are struggling to get pregnant and I get upset when he see's his other child: Advice?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year with no luck and now his ex who in the past would not let him see or have anything to do with his 6 year old son has started letting him see his child, and i am happy for him and support him in every way, but i get so emotional about it because we’ve been trying with no luck. Does anyone know why or maybe have any advice?


Seek a fertility dr.

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See a fertility specialist and a therapist. You are married, it is your step kid, so in a way you are a mom.


I had a hard time getting pregnant and then my doctor recommended I get my tubes flushed and Bam!! Pregnant after 2 months (: good luck! Dont give up

You need to see a fertility doctor. No one here will have an answer for you because they do not know your health history or anything like that.


Sometimes it takes a little while. Keep trying. Try not to get jealous feelings of him with his other child. Just try to enjoy watching him as a father. That child will be your child’s older sibling so try and only think positive thoughts and positive feelings

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Therapist or psychologist / fertility doctor. In that order.


I had my daughter 5years ago shortly after her i started trying we didnt get preg till recently different father but besides the point we went to an ob to get the referral to fertility clinic had to get a second opinion by ob and got paper work ready to do sperm testing ect and went on medication for my bladder and as soon as i started the med i got preg we found out the next week i was preg super early to know but super glad after over 4 years of trying

I tried for a year also and had a cousin that got pregnant twice within that time. I remember having some jealous feelings that I knew were not appropriate. My advice…go to the dr. Mine was a hormone problem that was manageable. Hopefully yours will be too!

Try with another guy


I couldn’t get pregnant at all. I miscarried like CRAZY … my doctor recommend taking a prenatal vitamin every morning and a folic acid before bed every day to “prepare my body for a pregnancy “ I remember being in her doctors office crying because I was about ready to give up! Couple months later i conceived! I was very high risk but I now have a very healthy 6 year old & a 3 year old :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree therapy first, because your husbands son isn’t going anwhere and you do not want that disappointment to affect your relationship with your husband or his son.
Absolutely feeling upset is normal, it’s natural but you are the onlybone who can handle that in a healthy way.
Once youve done that a discussion with fertility expert is in order. Good luck hun


I think your over trying. Yes I know it sounds crazy but it could happen. I would talk to your primary to run some test and also have your hubby do the same. Being jealous of something you want so bad is normal but don’t hate embrace his 6 yr old you will be completely surprised on how a child can change your heart. I say you relax go on a nice vacation and enjoy your time together :kissing_heart: trust me a child will come when it’s your time. Your Dr should refer you to a fertility Dr. But enjoy your life while you waith for the baby .

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Stop trying just relax and have fun x

Don’t be with a man who has kids from a previous relationship.

I have always learned Stop worrying about it. U ever notice that the more ur waiting for something or someone it feels like forever and ur just waiting. But if u sit back live life treat this other kid like :family_man_woman_boy: that way when u least expect it you will be pregnant and everyone will be :blush:… I have said this many many times and i have friends who were told they could never get pregnant. Ur body and God only know when its a good time BE PATIENT…js


Sometimes it takes a while. Be patient.

Message me I had the same problem and give you a big suggestion that helped me greatly and I’m now 12 weeks 4 days

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I was trying for two years and 3 months I have a daughter already I’m still with the same man I was on my last time trying we had sex 15 times in 3 days 4 to 7 days after my period I was about to give up and get fertility testing done and boom I was pregnant before we could go.