My husband and I cannot agree on baby names: Help!

I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with my second child. Found out it is a boy. My husband and I can not agree on a name at all. I’ve suggested so many names, and he has said no to all of them, he has only suggested two, and I’ve said no. Can you all flood me with boy names, please?!?


What style names do you each like and what is your other child’s name

My sons name is Oryn Loxley :blue_heart:

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My boy is called Blaine :slightly_smiling_face:

Start adding absolutely horrendous names so when you pop a good one in that you like, he’s more likely to consider it lol


I bought a book with all girl names and he wrote down all the names he liked and I did the same . Then check to see if you have the same names.

I love Emre Wren and Jasper James for a boy. Those are out top if we get a boy n

Following because same :roll_eyes:

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Jase, Bronx, Cameron, Blake, Sébastien

I figure you are the one giving birth so you decide. I chose all of my kids names.

Tate, Henry, Harry, George

Asher, Reuben, Roman


You still have time. I was 35 weeks pregnant with my daughter before we came up with a name. Just keep communications going with names you like.

I heard the name Wells the other day and loved it.
Different but not hard to spell.

We had the same issue. My husband picked the middle name and I picked the first name. Just a suggestion

If my she was a he, she would be named Maddox

Colby…Kai Frankie…Aiden…Harley…

My little boy is called bailey :heart:xx

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I let my husband pick for ours due in 2-3 months. He chose Baynham Rhett

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Jackson, Dalton, Declan.