My husband and I fight because our 2 month old cries: Thoughts?

My son just turned two months old. I keep hearing we are really lucky because he doesn’t cry much and he is a happy baby. Lately, he’s been a lot fussier. I know that he’s going through his growth stages, but my husband seems to think he shouldn’t be crying, especially at night, after we put him to bed. I know he just wants to be held and comforted. We keep fighting over him, crying and who is right on what to do when he cries. I really don’t know what to do anymore. Help, please


You got to bed train him let him cry not being mean


Your baby is only 2 months old. He needs lots of love and comfort. You’re very fortunate that he slept as good as he did as long as he did because a lot of babies wake up every two hours. You need to love on your baby. Your husband needs to understand that and quit being selfish.


He is a baby! Sorry but babies cry. If I were you I would just walk completely away from my husband and do what I needed to help and soothe my baby. Try adding an extra ounce to his feedings, swaddle, Rock, walk back and forth holding him, try light noise like a fan running, try getting an extra burp out, check his booty even if you just changed him 5 minutes ago, try a different outfit, check his temp… give him a bath. This isn’t about you guys anymore. It’s about your son… he will eventually outgrow it. If you guys are arguing around your son he can notice that and pick up on it… could be a huge reason why he’s crying.

Buy your husband a pacifer and diaper…clearly he’s the baby in the house.


He’s only two months old of course a baby is going to cry they need you alot right now welcome to Parenthood sounds like he needs to realize that and grow up


Sounds like your husband is jealous over the baby.


Maybe suggest the two of you go to parenting classes. This way he can hear it from someone else that he’s being irrational.


2 month old babies should not be left to cry!! Do not let anyone tell you any different. You cannot spoil a baby. Give him love and comfort away from your husband. My son is 4 months and I still get up with him at night and comfort him when he cries.

2 months old you comfort ypur baby period


Get a new husband, this one is broken. Your son - and YOU - are the priority for the next year! Your husband is being selfish!


The baby is only two months old, and crying for them is a form of energy release. They aren’t able to crawl, walk, run. Also, depends on the type of cry, there’s the I’m hungry and wet, feed me change me cry, the I’m hurting somewhere cry, the I’m wanting attention cry, or the I’m sleepy cry, and I’ll cry til I fall asleep. You’re both new to this but you’ll soon figure out the types, also try playing more with your baby and keeping him up longer in the evenings before bed time.


Didn’t anyone warn him that babies cry?


Hes a baby they cry…

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Crying is a baby’s way of communicating with you. It is normal for a bub that young to be fussy.


Kick hubby to the curb. That’s what kids do.



Stupid. The end.

Your husband is wrong. It’s the only way the baby can communicate, he’s 2 months old for goodness sake of course he’s going to cry at night! Maybe you should try parenting classes or speak to your health visitor/midwife


Keep diapers, wipes, blankets ans bink(if you use one) by the bed, I kept a warm bottle of water between my tits with formula on my window because I didnt want to get up. I got a touch lamp with a very dim light and when my kids got up I would change the butt make a bottle swaddled turn off light and after bottle burped and put them back to sleep.

Single mom with all three kids, but I never expected someone to assist.

It may help

Also fuck your husband, I would let him wash his hands of it and do it my damn self… but that is also why I was single. Not dealing with grown man fits over my baby.

Sounds like your husband is not kid savy/ oriented… babies/kids cry end of story smhhhh