My husband and I got in a fight, he told me to leave and I did. Now he is mad: Thoughts?

Correct me if I am wrong. My other half and I went out to eat with our two y/o Friday night and ended up getting into a petty argument over stupid stuff. The food came, and he pushed his plate away and said, “I lost my appetite,” so I took a couple of bites from my food, and he kept on with his attitude. So I got up to leave, and the waitress said, “would you like the check,” he said yes. I grab my daughter and walk out to my van. I have no keys, so I have to wait until he comes out. He gets to the van, and I say nothing. He said I was driving, and I said fine. I walked over to the driver’s side to get in, and he throws the keys in the back of the van and says, “f*** this, I’m walking.” I look for the key, find it, then take off. By the time I got out of the parking lot, he was already down the street at a very busy intersection. I had nowhere to pull over. So I kept driving. I called his phone he wouldn’t answer. So I went home, 30 min drive. I get home, and he texts me, “WoW,” I said, “wow what, you left me” I feed my daughter, and we exchange a few words back and forth. By then, he had been walking for an hour. He threatened to end the relationship if I didn’t pick him up. I had every intention to but wanted him to realize how stupid his decision was. I finish up with my daughter and left to go get him. He gets in the van, and we say nothing all the way home. I stay outside to smoke a cigarette, and he heads in with our daughter. I came in and asked if he had put her to bed. He did. Then I asked if he changed her diaper, he didn’t. So yes, with the attitude I said, she needs a diaper change before bed. It’s nothing new. That was it. He was beyond pissed. We put her to bed, I change and go to bed myself. He is either at the bottom of the stairs talking shit or going in and out of my room talking shit. I tell him about 50xs to quit it because he was upsetting the baby. He trashed me as a mother, girlfriend, friend, and daughter — very untrue, hurtful stuff. Even compared me to his ex. He then sat on the couch, yelling loud enough for me to hear upstairs, just nonsense. I was getting so pissed cus he just wouldn’t quit. I ran down and got in his face. I know that I shouldn’t have, but when someone is taunting you for over an hour, you tend to snap. That’s exactly what he did to me. So my question is, am I wrong for driving home? He thinks I am because he could have died walking on roads with no sidewalks in the dark on a Friday night! Well, if he didn’t leave and just got in the van, it would have never happened. That’s how I see it. He said now I need a therapist because of my anger issues. I wouldn’t be getting angry if he wasn’t walking around here, taunting me, and pushing every button I have. He wants me to react, and I try not to. He isn’t like this. This is a once in a great while when life stresses him out. He said all those hurtful things to me, and I lost it and started crying, and he said: “I only said those things to hurt you because you left me out in the cold, they aren’t true.” Like I’m supposed to say, oh, okay, I forgive you. I don’t even feel like it’s my fault he walked in the cold. I shouldn’t have to apologize to him, seeing I did go back and get him. He doesn’t think he has to apologize to me because I hurt him in an argument that happened a year ago, which I apologized to him. Now he said if he doesn’t get the help, he isn’t staying with me. I called him out on his BS, and he doesn’t like it, so he’s making me out to be the bad guy, and I have no problem fessing up to my mistakes. I just don’t feel like I’m at fault here. The fight all started because he doesn’t think he should be asked to change a diaper after working 12-hour shifts. I never ask him, and I swear on my life, I don’t. The only time, which has been very few, is on the weekends when we are heading out, and I have to get myself ready if he is ready I’ll ask him to get the baby ready, which he doesn’t have to fetch anything I bring everything she needs to him. That’s the only time I ask him, and when I said that to him, that’s when he lost his shit at the restaurant because I was calling BS, and he knows it. Should I apologize for letting him walk for an hour and a half? Should he apologize to me for verbally destroying me, or does he have that right because I left him walking? I’m about to end this relationship altogether because I’m sick of him not being able to be a grown ass man an admit to his faults. But then again, I can be the one that’s wrong. Help me out please and thank you! Thanks!


Sounds like you guys need counseling and you wont get that from Facebook.


Sounds like yall have a lot of growing up to do.


Sounds like he has some issues he needs to work on, and the two of you also need some help as a couple. I went through this for years until mine husband finally left. We’re getting divorced in Friday, and I attribute it to his lack of seeking help and laying constant blame on me for his actions.


Y’all both need to get your shit together for your baby. Its abusive to be so hateful to each other in front of tht poor baby.

You both are wrong. He should parent his daughter, that includes changing diapers. You shouldn’t of had him walk. So… you should probably see a counselor together.


I think there’s way more going on with him. Like, he’s pissed at something more than this fight.
When it starts to get this petty, you have big problems.


Hell no. He chose to walk. Should have let him walk the whole the way home. He’s obviously mad at something else and deflecting it on to you to make it your fault.


I literally had to stop reading because he sounds like he needs a f****** reality check. Damn right he should have walked him if he was going to have an attitude like that and no offense, id have punched my man in the face of he did that over an hour.

<<but I’m probably the bitch here :rofl::rofl::rofl:

All of this over a diaper change?? Wow!!


Hes supposed to be a grown man make him responsible for his actions. He’s the one that took off walking so let him. This is classic brainwashing. Look up the definition of narcissist and there ya go. You either allow him to do it or you don’t. Its up to you.


Sounds very toxic. You definitely aren’t in the wrong. Maybe seperate?


There’s Uber, lift, even a taxi he could have called! He’s immature and just trying to get to you.


I believe yall both have your issues,but in this case no you shouldn’t have to apologize he made the move and decided to walk you had to take care of your child,you went back for him :woman_shrugging: more than I would do if my man pulled that shit.

You both suck. Put the kid in therapy because you 2 are a lost cause.


Yall both were acting stupid. Get some marriage counseling.


You both need to grow up,


How old are you? Seriously curious.


Take the kid and get out of there

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I’d have let his ass walk. Only difference in me is, I wouldnt have been there when his ass got home either. Petty? Maybe. But your not gonna talk to me like I’m trash and I’m sure as hell not gonna take it. You both made the damn kid, it’s not just on you to take care of her.