My husband and I had past problems: Is it worth working them out?

Has anyone stayed with there husband after he was physically abusive? My husband was physically abusive to me, and we have been separated for five months, and we have talked about getting back together. We are going to counseling, together and separately. We love each other so much and talk about how great life was before all of this happened, and we both want it back. My family hates him for what he has done, and they don’t want anything to do with him, but I think if I’m willing to forgive him then so should they. We are taking the right steps on getting help and getting advice, but I want my family to like him again. He’s a good guy just made bad decisions.


Nope once an abuser always an abuser I lived with it for 18 yrs

Leave! Run! Do not look back! He will NEVER change.

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I got out and woukd never ever go back

I wouldn’t go back no matter how good he is.

I wouldn’t do that. He will eventually do the same thing again. It may take days. Weeks. Months. Maybe even years. But it will happen again


Don’t expect your family to fall into his trap just because you’re that naive.


RUN LADY RUN!!! Been there RUN!!!

I’m gna say no from my own experience of being told ILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN… only to go back & have him do it again… they call it a cycle for a reason… if u r out… don’t put yourself back in to something tht u r now free of

Nope he just feeding you all those lies then it’s gonna start back up again i would just stay separate

Please leave him and don’t look back. I knew someone who was in a similar situation and it cost her her life.

Would you forgive your daughters husband if he hurt her physically?? Nope, you wouldn’t.


Nope he’s gonna do it again and again.

They will never go back to liking him because he will never change and you will keep getting abused (if you stay).

He’s just changing his words but his actions won’t change. If ANY “man” ever lays their hands on you, he has never loved you like you think. A man who TRULY loves you will NEVER lay his hands on you!


Hell no. He put his hands on you… It will never change and it will never be the same.

Let him go .Trust me I’ve been there was kicked in my face got 25 stiches …left and never looked BK …married. Now 35 yrs …

I forgave… Let him back… Did all the counseling… 6 weeks later, he broke my leg in 4 places… Please please don’t !

I wouldn’t and I completely understand your family not liking him. But if you really want to try I would take it slow, like really slow. A lot longer than 5 months. And he would have to continually be going to counseling and therapy even after you eventually get back together. And any hint of going back to the way he was would be the end of things for good.

Run girl don’t look back

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