My husband and I have 0 communication: Advice?

My husband and I have been married for 6 months but on and off for six years. For the last three weeks, we have been at each other’s throats constantly. If not arguing, then its the silent treatment. Both of us guilty. This past Thurs, he left for work (he works 3rd shift) and has not come home since. We have not spoken a word, and I haven’t seen him. I have no idea where he is staying. Today he came to our house while I was gone picking up my son from school, and he got some of his clothes and toiletries and was gone before I got back. I noticed as soon as I got home but still no form of communication what so ever. What should I do??? I’m at a loss.


Um…sounds like he just left you…and may be cheating on you


Sounds like yall are “off” again. Sorry. How long was your last “on” stretch before you got married?

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Change locks if he can’t get In when you ain’t home he has to grow up and talk to you


Tell him to come home or to stay gone and go file for a dissolution and find a man not a man child.


He is prob sick of it and needs space. I’d let him have it

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Sounds like he left you … if he can just grab his clothes and leave without saying a word, that only shows how childish he is. Like you said, both of you are to blame for not communicating but it doesnt seem like either of you are even trying (just what I got from reading the post). Do you really wanna be married to someone you cant even talk to?


Sounds like its time to come to term… You keep your head up and take care of them babies. Forget him.


My advice is you are lucky he left. I have been with mine for 32 years…0 communication for the last 10. Expects the world for his monetary contribution. Change the locks? Is he on the lease or mortgage?


I’m sorry hun, sounds like he left you. Dont do on and off and on again relationships, it builds a lack of trust and a lack of commitment, let this be your last “off” period.


He definitely needs to talk to you, even if he decides to leave. I would tell him that you do not have to tolerate that behavior and it crosses your boundaries in your relationship. Come home and talk about it! Period.


Give him space. Whats ment to be will… Take care of yourself . reflect on why you guys fight and mayb you will find the answers exspecially thinking alone… If its been on and off like this for years and he is cheating i myself would not let him have me again. Your not a toy . your a forgiving woman im assuming but something you cant change and the things you can do… You got this… Dont go to deep just as where you needs to stay alert.whats done int he dark always comes to light

Tbh from the sounds of it neither of you want this relationship I would split for your child’s sake arguments distory childhoods but he should be making an effort with his son arrange a coffee and have a good chat no matter the outcome that child needs to be ok x

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Ask him what’s up. U already know. But there needs to be communication on it so both parties are on the same page.


Tell him to come back and fix things or come back & get the rest of his stuff. This on again, off again business is crap! Good luck to you & your kids💞


Girl give him some space and do your own thing and then after a few days be an adult and call him. You guys have a child and need to talk. If it turns confrontational then say that when you guys can calm down you can try again to figure this out. But maybe try and figure out why your at his throat? Maybe try to figure out if this is how you want your son to be raised? Maybe try couples therapy?

What a child. Get a lawyer, file for divorce! Change the locks on all the doors! Count your blessings, and, don;t take the loser back. Life is too short to have to put up with that sort of thing.


I would consider things over and talk about separation. Why would you want the misery to continue?

Sound liked he left you girl

Honestly, you’re both at fault and at this rate, one of u was going to leave. Who wants to live like that!!! Whenever I’m annoyed or upset pissed off, if it gets to the point of silent treatment I ask myself, is this issue worth my relationship? If not then yes, I give because I’d rather be happy than be right. I have a clear cut method that I use in my marriage tho…and that’s to treat my husband like hes my boyfriend. When I wake up in the morning, hes gone for work so I always text him goodmorning and thru the day. I make sure I kiss him when he walks in the door, and just often in general. I flirt with him. I make myself pretty mostly for myself but a little for him too. I initiate sex and I dont withhold that for ANY reason. I make it a point to have sex often because that’s honestly what brings us together and nomatter what I always even with 3 kids make time for the 2 of us. If your marriage is important and you love the man, dont be this way. Maybe hes this way too but all you can do is change YOUR way and hope he follows. If he comes back, make it different this time.

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