My husband and I no longer have a sex life: How can I fix this?

This was a problem with 2 ex’s towards the end and I made excuses like they’re stressed or tired, yada yada. Total bullshit! Something is going on. He’s either cheating, is gay, or is an asexual. Check his phone. I guarantee the evidence is there.

Sounds like porn addiction for sure. I’m sorry. It’s very hard to beat, he will need professional help. :confused:


Masturbate. Learn your body :heart: I mean do you really need a man to Stimulate your body and needs? I say nope. I wouldn’t take it personal tbh


That’s common with porn, they only get excited watching it.

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Go to marriage counseling. You cant compete with porn. He needs help otherwise you will have to leave him for your own sanity.


Try some new freak stuff… hey it works for some. Dont let the fire burn out


Sometimes people lose interest in each other physically, especially after three kids. It has nothing to do with you and it doesnt mean he is cheating. Dont let it make you feel bad about yourself.


This is what happens when someone has a problem addiction unfortunately :frowning: its so so damaging. Definitely have a research on the damages of Porn to the brain.


I think asking everyone’s opinion on here is not going to help you. How far along are you? He might be grossed out by the thought of having sex while his kid is in there. He could be having an affair. It happens when women get preggo and even when they don’t. I think you need to not make a big deal out of it and keep your eyes and ears open. Worry about your baby and kids and hopefully once you have the baby things will go back to normal.

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Mine wouldn’t touch me for weeks until i told him i felt like he wasn’t attracted to me anymore, turns out he was afraid to hurt me. Im honestly not sure what to think or say about hime
yelling at you.

I know the feeling going on about 3 years of no sex with my boyfriend it really hurts to not be wanted I’m sorry u have to go through this


Hunni straight up real facts i know u don’t wanna hear it and it will sound mean and alot of u will hate on me…but hes not sexually attracted to you anymore…doesn’t mean u can’t re speak it…


Sometimes men just get nervous. Esp when they’re worried about not being able to perform well. He is aware that you are probably nervous and it makes it worse. Not that you’re doing anything wrong. But we tend to internalize these things and then out men see how upset we are because their penis isn’t working right
Masterbation is just an easy out. No worries about getting an Erection or wondering if your partner is satisfied… Know what I mean? Try not to say anything and relax. Just let go.
We have to learn not to take it personally.
Like honestly you get stuck in this circle of anxiety. The more you mention it to him the worse he feels about himself.

Have him watch Don Jon. Porn addiction from a man point of view

If men are masterbating all the time it’s harder for them when they are with an actual person they like desensitize themselves. Try not to bring it up for a while because if and when you all try to do it again it’s going to be in the back of his head and he’s going to be like oh shit I better get an erection. :weary: also are your kids screaming crying in the background lol? Make sure u try when ur alone at night or something.

Just know the porn addiction is the issue not you or your body . And if on top of a porn addiction you and he are neurologically diverse then there is a whole new dimension of challenges to navigate. Porn addictions are known to cause performance issues for men in real life relations.


Girllllll… PUT A THONG ON AND SHAKE THAT ASS AROUND THE THE HOUSE. DONT FORGET WHAT YAH MOMMA GAVE YAH!!! On a real note, this really did work for me. It’s reverse psychology with men basically. Hope things get better love :heartpulse:

My hubby was worried he was gonna hurt me or the baby…but the thought of a baby effects plenty of men…some men can’t get turned on by pregnant women.


Porn = death of genuine and honest love in any relationship.


I am and have been going through this myself. If he has a drink that affects it. I want to feel wanted and desired. You know…? So I get it.
Performance anxiety.