My husband and MIL belong to different political parties and constantly argue: Advice?

My husband and my MIL belong to different political parties. Any time they argue about anything, it always turns into a political debate. Both listen to react, not to understand where the other person is coming from. Both are stubborn and hot-headed. Thankfully, they have not had too many of these arguments in front of our daughter/her granddaughter, who is 18 months old. I have shut them down when they argue in front of my daughter. I’m afraid if this continues, there will be a huge falling out between the two of them. I’m worried my daughter is already picking up in their arguing, and I do not want her acting as they do later in life. How do we go about keeping peace in the family, so they stop this kind of fighting?


You can’t youre not Dr Phil…if they start with their crap just take ur daughter and remove yourself…go in another room or go outside…maybe theyll get the clue that theyre acting like babies and nobody wants to hear it…if not at least you dont have to be in ear shot :grin:

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Seems kinda petty. You can have different views & not act like morons about it. :roll_eyes:
Let them have their falling out then maybe they’ll realize how stupid it is. Just stay out of it.


Vote one crook out and vote another crook in is how politics go.

No political conversations in your home two cannot argue where one will not

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I’ve learned politics and family don’t mix. Just don’t talk about it at all. But if they don’t want to do that there’s nothing you can really do.

Ban political talk for family get together’s.

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This is why no political and religious conversations are often used. They don’t mix with family or work. Just tell them none.

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Husband and milk have to agree to disagree

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Simple… make a don’t talk politics rule. If they broken, pick up yuh daughter and leave the room or house and do it invite that person over anymore.

I’d tell them that if they could not agreed to disagree and speak with respect than those discussions would not be allowed in the house or around the kids.
When can be different people, different religions, different cultures or different just in general and still respect the other person and not start fights and belittle.

Sometimes families do that for fun. It’s a wierd way to go about things but I have seen people enjoy fight debating. Unless they resort to name calling each other I would just walk away each time. Otherwise sit back and laugh.

How about, they’re just not allowed to discuss politics anymore? Seems simple enough for both to understand the reasoning behind and agree not to, out of respect for you. :woman_shrugging:t3:

If it’s your house your rules no political conversation and no raising your voice .their house you leave …going in another room is not going to help because she can still hear it

Tell them they need to learn to debate respectfully/peacefully or tell them there will be no talk of politics allowed.

SEX MONEY POLITICS AND RELIGION have no place in most everyday conversations, esp in public or with people that u know is firm within their beliegs and won’t listen. As a little girl I was taught this and its one of the greatest pieces of advice

Tell them they need to set good examples for your daughter and that they aren’t to argue in front of her. If they are going to argue about it they can do it elsewhere.

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Stop going over to her house
They r both hot headed
They r both adults and feel it’s more important to argue than go have family time
To avoid it just dont go over to her house
U cabt change them but u can keep ur daughter out of it

I mean political talk is going to happen no matter what. You need to tell them both, together, that they have to learn how to discuss respectfully or they need to take it elsewhere.