My husband asked for pics from a girl on snapchat: Advice?

Hey, I’m not even sure what to say, but I need some advice. I’ve been with my husband for five years, and we’ve been married for 3. We have a 3-year-old and one on the way. There was only one other time I had seen his private messages. But today I just happened to get on his Snapchat and was going to post a selfie of myself. On his Snapchat story. So I wasn’t gonna even look at his messages, but I decided to and this girl I guess he’s been friends with on there for a few years now. It’s actually one of his buddy’s sisters. Well, I open his messages to her, and you can only save a conversation if you want to on there. He had commented on a picture I’m assuming she posted on her story, and it was her in her underwear and bra with a shirt pulled up so you could see her stomach a full body picture. I’m sure you can imagine. Well, he saved her picture on their conversation and commented to her, “why don’t you send me these?!” Practically just a bra and underwear picture. We have a whole life together. I feel very disrespected and hurt. I’ve never talked to guys the whole time we’ve been together. Never disrespected him like that in any way. I love him very much. But I’m feeling very hurt about him telling this girl to send him pretty much almost naked pictures of herself to him. I’m his wife; this is completely infuriating and hurtful. What would y’all do? I’m not even sure what to say to him. Soon as I say something, he’s just gonna acted pissed I was looking at his messages with this girl. And ignore the real problem.


This is so complicated and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can’t even imagine. I’m such a trust person in marriage and I’d be absolutely done.


Put his ass out hes cheating or planning to.

Yea that would be it for me.


I’d leave my husband over this but only you know what you are willing to put up with


Tell him to go eat shit

Better tighten that leash and set his butt staright!!! It may get harder before it gets better.


he clearly doesn’t respect you or yalls marriage. Leave.


Well your his wife? So if he gets upset then he should be upset with himself. A real man will apologize and know he’s in the wrong and change for the better of your relationship. If he wants pics of other girls then maybe he should be single.


Nope, that would be a deal breaker for me. He should have more respect than that for you and your relationship together. Who cares if he gets pissed that you looked through their messages. He shouldn’t have things to hide to begin with.


Leave him. I could not handle being with someone who has cheated on me and I have made myself clear with this relationship what cheating is. If you have to hide something then you’re cheating. Period. If you do it in front of me then dont do it behind my back. In my experience if a man is asking for pics it always leads to something more. I know some will disagree but that’s my opinion.


Nope… don’t let that shit slide because if you do it’ll happen again after he feels you’ve gotten over it

Send him a picture of that.he will know u saw it.hes wrong too that confront him


I’m so sorry this is happening but please know this type of behavior never changes. If you stay you will end up teaching your daughter she deserves less than what she’s worth and if you have a son he will grow to believe this is how women are to be valued. I know because I left to late. God bless and keep you because the road isn’t easy either way all you have to decide is when to start the journey.


I would say something. Even if he gets mad or not. That is unexpectedly. And I would say something to her as well.


LEAVE. Trust me, its not just messages. And its probably not even the first girl. Sorry :pensive: But you dont have a life with him… he is just in yours. Someone who can do that is not trying to build a life. It will get worse if you dont leave.


I honestly didn’t know adults used Snapchat


I’m so sorry your going through this and the fact that you already know he’s going to just steer the conversation from the real issue makes me sad I’ve been in your shoes with that and it didn’t work out just got worse and I put myself through more pain than needed. I had to leave that cheater so my advice would be leave they dont change


You took his phone to post a snapchat selfie on his story? That’s fucked up.

I have experienced this in the past with my husband before we were married and I set ground rules for if he wanted to be in mine and our kids lives. It’s been years since anything has happened again but it took working together and finding out how I could help him instead of him going to other women. Its usually an emotional problem but everyone is different. You definitely need to talk to him and I highly suggest counseling especially if he just gets mad and acts like you did something wrong because for one nothing in a married relationship should be private because that means the one having privacy issues has something to hide. That’s also a major red flag that he could indeed be cheating. Communication is key. If he won’t man up and do what he needs to get himself straight then I would definitely leave him because no one deserves that kind of manipulation and abuse.