My husband believes I should do all of the house work because I do not work: Advice?

So me and my husband been married for 13 years. We have five children. I stay home and do most of the housework and take care of the kids. But there are days where I don’t feel like doing much, especially at that time of the month. On the days where I don’t do anything, I am called lazy. “And what do you say you do here?” He believes I should do all the housework since he works outside of the home. He hardly ever helps with our five kids. I make dinner, I help with homework and after-school sports, and I put them to bed while he plays on his phone or the Xbox. And when I do ask him to help, he calls me lazy or gets in a fight with me. I hate this. How do I get him to stop? Is it been years, and he still doing it?


He wouldnt have any freakin clean underwear that’s for damn sure! Everrrrr. I get he provides financially but he needs to do his due diligence being a father and a husband. Wheres your break? He gets his xbox, wheres yours?

Time for him to stop being a selfish jerk or divorce him


I would get rid of him :woman_shrugging:t2: or switch roles… maybe you should get a job and he can do everything you do and see how he likes that and how “lazy” you really are. So sorry you’re having to go thru this!


You are allowed a break. So he can F off.
But maybe a better routine so you aren’t so drained? Like an adult “chores” chart.
But regardless with the kids he absolutely needs to help out. He created them as well.


From a guys point of view: He’s a douche.

That’s all I got.


If it’s been years and he’s still doing it, it’s not going to stop


I agree with all the comments above! Good luck!

Sounds like the same boat I’m in. I don’t work and he does,so I don’t mind doing everything during the week and day after he gets off work,but would like him to at least take down the trash. Doesn’t happen though. At least he supports us and I’m allowed to be a stay at home mom though. Know some people their husbands make them work despite them wanting to stay home with the kids,so could be worse…


He is not going to stop trust me. It’s time for you to look into divorce asap. What he is doing is called emotional and mental abuse. Please recognize the signs before it turns to something more


I can understand his thinking, he is the breadwinner


Go somewhere and let him take care of the kids for one or two days.


If he thinks it’s all easy. I suggest that one of these days you leave the house for over day. Just one day and have him ask for a day off of work. So he can understand how hard it is to do everything. Trust me or will work. I have done it once. And my ex realize that being a stay at home mother isn’t easy. Go with a family member do your thing. But have him do wrist you do do all day.


Wow. He sounds super selfish and HE sounds like the lazy one!!! I personally would say do yours and the kids laundry don’t do his, cook meals for you and your kids not him. And tell him that you’re his WIFE not his slave! He’s a big boy not a child. He wants to dink on his phone and play on Xbox he can go ahead but will be hungry soon and out of clean clothes!


Don’t make him dinner wash his clothes your his wife not mother/house keeper


What does he do on his “days off?” Then let him know your days off.


He has no idea how long your day is, plus he probably has 2 days a week off, your working 14-16 hour days 7 days a week, he’s being inconsiderate, and needs to help some, like doing the meals, and prep & clean-up on his days off, or treat to a dinner out, maybe have these kids pitch in with dishes, laundry, housecleaning, etc., but you have to make demands, and train them, or not get the break that you deserve !


First, the children should be learning responsibility by doing chores. If they don’t, they’ll grow up like their father, who sounds like a jerk.


It’s his house and his kids also, he needs to help out. How come he works 8 hours or however long and then stops but you never stop. Tell him to stop being lazy and help out or when your 8 hours are up you are stopping for the rest of the day.


It’s hard to keep up with 5 kids I just don’t get how other can’t see that and to be mindful and grateful … maybe for a week do very little and at the end of the week say now that’s being lazy screw that and to be honest he will have to be the one that truly wants that nothing you really can do becides leaving and not putting up with it ( not saying it’s possible but maybe?) or you can work and he can be the stay at home parent