My husband cheated on me with his ex girlfriend: Advice?

I’ve been married to my husband for nine years. We have three kids together. Last year in May, he told me that he has another daughter with his ex GF, and she hid their daughter from him for 11 years. Until she asked her mother who her father was, then she found him on social media. He was very shocked, and I was too, I was a bit hurt and upset. Weeks went by, and I started to accept it, and after a couple of months went by, I knew he was messing around by the way he was acting. He would hide his phone from me, and he started not to come home (he works 6 hours away). He uses to come home every weekend… and he’s out working in the same town that she lives in. So one day, he told me that he was having an affair and that he cheated on me with his daughter’s mom. I was so upset and so so hurt, I cried for days and weeks. I am asking myself why or what did I do wrong. He apologized and swore that it was all over between them. As of today, I found out that they’re still talking and seeing each other. What hurts more is he used our family savings on her, by taking her out and traveling with her. He says he wants to work things out with me and then when we do… I find out he’s lying to me, and he’s still messing around with her.


Leeeavveeeeee!!! Take the kids and leave!


Kick that thing to the curb. Now. Nothing is going to change


Leave for good !!!

So leave him now because clearly he has shown you he can’t be trusted and his word means nothing


None of this is your fault. Get rid of him.


What’s the question? He already moved on.

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Not a chance in hell. Run and RUN now. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

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I would get a good attorney and file for divorce…


Leave it never changes it is only going to get worse from personal experience I felt with this for 13 years and finally had the courage to leave you owe it to your self to be happy and you deserve to find someone who loves you and treats you with respect

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Kick him out and get child support for your kids.


Kick him out and file for divorce.


So sorry your going threw this. But why ask that question on what to do??
Yes it will hurt bad but value yourself and you children. Tell him to leave !

Forgive once, twice e no way, let her have him

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As a married woman, I definitely would never forgive cheating.


Get rid of the loser.

Kick him to the curb

Momma he’s trying to have his cake and eat it too! Leave! You deserve better! He’s not going to leave you for her and he’s not gonna leave her for you. He wants “best of both worlds”

If he’s drained your guys savings just imagine how much further he will go by putting YOU in to debt for HER. Leave now before it gets worse :heart:


Leave. You can do it. Be strong.

Leave him it gonna hurt but worth it at the end once a cheater always a cheater till they realize what they done wrong

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