My husband cheated with his nurse: How should I handle this?

My husband cheated with his nurse. I never thought this would happen to me. I am keeping quiet to protect him, his partners and their practice. I have been devastated. It has been months since I found out and I don’t feel like I am very far along in my healing. We are trying to work things out. He even left the internal medicine practice to work in addiction medicine. I have tried to protect my children’s hearts and haven’t told them any thing except their dad needed a change and is going in a different direction. I feel like I am breaking. I am tired of protecting but I can’t stand the thought of my kids having their relationship with their dad to be jeopardized . Is that wrong?


Have you ever seen snapped? That’s how you handle that.


I would snitch on his ass.

Leave honestly !!! Your only ok’ing him to do it again


He’s a doctor?? AND y’all have kids?? Shitttt, collect that child support and alimony :rofl: and let them kids go with their daddy every weekend :slight_smile: BYYYEEEE!!


Decide if you want to stay or leave. Take steps to do whichever you choose.
You may need counseling or you may need to have a serious conversation with him and your kids.
Good luck, and I’m sorry you’re going through this.


Bring it all out. Let her husband know too…


Is he working half as hard to make it up to you as you are working to protect him?


I get you are angry. And hurt. Devastated even.
But why are you talking about your children here? They have nothing to do with this. Despite what you’re saying here it sounds like you want to shout it from the rooftops so others can join you in your anger.
Leave your kids out of it. Being vindictive will not help heal you or your marriage.
Yes you are wrong. You and your husband should see a counsellor. Talk about your anger there.


It is never the kids business what either of you do. Yes, even if it causes you to split up. You can leave and not start a whole uproar. If your significant other is adult enough to realize that you’re doing what’s best for your heart by leaving because you were cheated on, then maybe you can quietly separate from the relationship and still co-parent efficiently


Relationships rarely work when a partner cheats. Leave him! Move on, QUIT settling for less


He didn’t cheat on your kids though. He cheated on you so go to counseling and stop using them as an excuse to ignore the hurt you clearly need to let out.


You’ll never fully heal or trust him again … I would ask him if hes cool with you sleeping around . I stayed with a man who cheated on me. Ans guess what? He did it again, even after all the work and changes he led me to believe were real. It’s a huge decision to leave , and very individualized. Have you gone to a counselor? That will help you tons :heart::heart:


Hell no you need to report that, he doesn’t need you to protect him.


Have him tell his coworkers and children. Transparency is key moving forward. Find a good therapist.


just leave gal!once a cheater always a cheater


My husband would need more than a nurse after i finished with him, if he did this!


Let it all out you’re ridiculous.


You say it’s been months since you found out and you’ve barely healed… are we talking 3 months or like 8 months? I’m trying to imagine myself in your shoes.I know there isn’t technically a “time limit” on healing / fixing things/trust but if he’s not meeting you halfway then it’s time to leave. If he’s genuinely trying to fix things then that’s all up to you.

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Solo counseling and couples counseling STAT!!
You need a sounding board that will let you get out these feelings and help you process them. Then you need a mediator to help you both come to a common ground and help you remember why you love each other in the first place. He may need to see a therapist as well to help him figure out why he did what he did and better avenues to deal with what he’s missing internally.

Beyond those, I highly suggest investing in yourself and your happiness. Take a trip, join a club, take a class you’d enjoy. You were a seperate and whole person before your marriage. You still have needs that need to be filled individually. Find you again. Do what makes you happy and gives you purpose as you process this grief. Fill your cup :purple_heart:
Also it’s not the kids business. They couldn’t possibly process this on an adult level and shouldn’t have to.