My husband complained to his mom that I bring baby to bed but I am exhausted: Help?

Dealing with MIL / surviving motherhood. Long story, short – we are building a house. Living at my parents while we finish up (hopefully in about two months). Our 18-month-old daughter stopped sleeping through the night as soon as we moved in (in April). I would typically get up, lay her back down in her crib and 9x out of 10 she would go back to sleep. She did this 1 to 2x per night. Great, fine. For the last two months, she wakes up and is up for 2 hours/night. I stay in her room on the floor, or she will scream bloody murder, and I do not want her waking up my parents who are right next door to her room. My husband is busy with the house and does not get up with her (nor do I ask him to since he is working 15+ hour days). She will go back to sleep immediately if I put her in bed with us. I know. Shame shame, but I am tired, work a full-time professional job dealing with difficult clients, and I always wait 2 hours before putting her in bed with us in hopes she will fall back asleep in her crib. Last night, my MIL lectured me on being a working mom (mind you, she has never had a professional job since she was pregnant with her first). Basically, my husband complained to her that he doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping with her in bed. I completely understand this, but I. NEED. SLEEP. I do not have a better solution since we are living with my parents; I do not want to have her cry out and wake everyone in the house. I’ve tried putting her pack-in-play in our room, but she just plays loudly in it and keeps my husband, and I awake.


Tell him to buck up or he can put her to sleep. Your sanity and sleep are important too.


Tell ur mil to shove it. That’s what I would do. Good luck


He complained to his mom? Oh hell no. :grimacing: She should not be getting in your business.


Tell your MIL to mind her damn business and tell hubby to grow some balls and express his concerns to you and not his ignorant mother!

My kids would sleep to me when they was little and didn’t care what anyone said but him going and crying to his mother is childish and he needs to grow u do what I have to do in order to sleep


I bought a king size and put it on the floor so I could co-sleep with both my boys. We all got a great night sleep, including my husband. He never told on me to his mommy lol.


Is the house haunted?

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Your MIL lectured you!? Tell her to mind her own business!

What happens in your house is between you and your husband, maybe your parents since your living in THEIR house but absolutely none of her business to lecture you.

Other than that I would tell husband if he wants to put her to bed then he can have at it, but after X amount of time trying you are going to bed and bringing her so everyone gets sleep. You work too and need your sleep as well.


Just ignore her. Thank her for her advice but at the end of the day y’all are the parents so her opinion doesn’t really matter. Maybe talk to ur SO about backing u. & in my opinion she’s old enough where its not that big of a deal. Honestly I’ve slept w my son since he was 3 months old & never had a problem or even close. Next time around I’m gonna try harder to have baby sleep in its own crib but I needed sleep!

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Then tell him to effing do it. He works but so do you and it doesn’t end when you get home as the mom! Hellll nahhhh


Tell your husband that’s part of being a father, he can get her back to sleep then🤷🏼‍♀️ if you work too it shouldnt be on you 100% or let baby sleep with you and hubby can sleep in her room.


Tell them both off and get some sleep girl!


you both have demanding jobs so why does he get to sleep? If he doesn’t like the baby in bed then have him get up.


Does your Mom work? If she’s retired she might be able to help. When my son went through problems sleeping my Mom moved in and we took turns getting him back to sleep.

Do what work for you ! U the one who have to take care of yourself…

Sweetheart, ignore her. I know you don’t think so right now but you are a rockstar. Maybe you could try and exchange the crib for a cosleeper or even improvise by taking one of the rails off and using a sheet of plywood to wedge beneath your bed and the mattress of the crib so that they don’t separate?

Welcome to parenthood dude… He he’s that uncomfortable he can either put her back to bed or hit the couch…


Tell HIM…to go sleep with HIS mother…
Fug that…lol


Your poor bubby isn’t use to your current living situation tell your hubby it will get back to normal when you have your own place again (in which bubby will need settling in time there too) in regards to your mil straight up say “I appreciate your trying to help but your not so please hold your unwanted comments to yourself I don’t need the added stres”