My husband constantly accuses me of cheating: Thoughts?

My husband & I have been together for 10 years. Married for 1. We have two children 6 & 3. He is extremely jealous. He almost everyday jokes about “my boyfriend”. Saying things like “Did you see your boyfriend today?” I have never cheated or even talked to another man since we’ve been together. I’ve told him numerous times that I would never cheat. He’s the one for me & he still “jokes” about it all the time. When he drinks it’s no longer a joke. He constantly accuses me of cheating in the past & present. We share all of our passwords & everything. I don’t have a lock on my phone he has the opportunity to go through it anytime he wants & vice Versa. He rarely goes through my phone though. I love this man, but after awhile I get sick of being accused of something I’ve never done. What should I do?


Well hate to say this, but usually when they start accusing you, it’s because they feel guilty for cheating themselves

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He’s the one cheating :tipping_hand_woman:


Tell him to cut the crap.


I’d say he’s the one that’s cheating. My ex did this to me while he was seeing his ex behind my back.


It’s called projection usually the accuser is the one guilty of the act.


He’s cheating on you. Start going along with it. Tell him you are sick of the comments so you are going to just agree with it from now on


Hun I went through this exact thing with my now ex husband and always accused me of cheating not once did I ever or gave any reason to think that mean while he was the one cheating!!


He’s guilty of cheating so he will blame you :fist_right:


He is the one cheating


He is a cheater and that’s why he is accusing you

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He’s cheating. Feeling guilty.

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Sounds like he’s definitely projecting😞

He’s acting like he’s trying to cover his cheating up

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Usually the accuser is the guilty party…


My ex used to do this, he was the one cheating. The guilty are the biggest accusers.

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Those who accuse are usually the ones cheating & hes blaming you to stop you get suspicious, otherwise he has no other reason to accuse

My ex did this when he was cheating on me with one of many of his side whores. I was pregnant at the time and felt trapped. My advice is that you get away from him and find a man that treats you like the queen you are. Know your worth and expect nothing less than what you deserve.

That my friend is called a guilty conscience

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My ex husband was almost exactly like that, come to find out he had at least five affairs. I would look into it!

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