My husband doesn't consider my mom family: Thoughts?

When considering family, should your mother-in-law and mother both be family? So my husband and I are having a debate as to if my mother is family or not. He says she is not part of his family, just like his mother is not part of mine. We are married and have kids to remind you. He does not like my mother for some reason when she has always been very respectful and nice towards him, but his mother always judges my parenting or always has to put her two cents in. Granted, I always call my mom for advice, so she always gives me her opinions. It’s so annoying that he always sticks up for his mother and never me, even said if I can’t get along with her, then we should get a divorce. Why can’t my husband see that we are married, so my mom and his mother are family, or am I in the wrong? They share grandkids


That’s odd. She is family

Sounds like a spoilt brat tbh id get rid


Hubby needs to grow up!!!


In our house we consider them ‘family’ but not our family. That was the family you were born into, you bore your own children and created your own family

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He sounds like a real jerk.


Cause he is a selfish ahole sounds like u need to leave my family and my husband’s faimly is all one family


Do u see his mother as your mother? It seems neither of you get along with each others mother which is actually not abnormal. It’s hard to mesh two families together. I dont see my husband family the same as I see mine but I do of course view them as family. Like an added family. I think its normal to see it that way but that’s just my thoughts

The family I married into is just as important as the family I created and was born into. Your husband sounds childish and needs to grow up asap


He is a real ASS!!! If he don’t understand you all became family once you alI said I DO! Sweetheart run for the hills.

Sorry to tell him you are all family

Uhm, kinda sounds like y’all need a divorce anyways :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t consider myself party of my daughter’s and her husband’s family. I don’t involve myself in their private affairs. My daughter and I are very close and we talk daily, several times a day. I :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: my granddaughter! My son in law is an awesome father and husband. I do give opinions if she asks but I’m not a part of their family. I guess it just depends on how you look at it.

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My partners mum is just as much part of our family as my mum. Your husband sounds like a dick.


Uh he married you ! so now she’s his family too whether he likes it or not

Yes that’s his family too! I’m engaged and consider my fiancé’s mom my mother in law! We are all family, doesn’t matter what the dna says.

Take him up on that divorce.


This is an actual argument? Smh

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Yall are all a family. He sounds like a mama’s boy who is used to having his way and apparently his mom enables him to think so.
I would say divorce now.


I consider my ex husband’s baby momma’s parents family :joy::woman_shrugging: I don’t think I can help you here :joy: but I’d say yeah she family