My husband doesn't consider my mom family: Thoughts?

You are family . And if they don’t see you as family and he threatened divorce there is a bigger problem.


So if you dont like his mother you should get a divorce but he doesnt have to like your mother :thinking: seems like your husband is very childish. I would 100% be offended if the partner told me his family (mother) wasnt my family


Of course they’re family. He doesn’t have to like your mother but he needs to respect your relationship with her.


When you get married you become one family . I just had to pull up these signs that people have now

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My in laws are absolutely my family as my parents are my husbands family we all do dinners together or holidays. I couldn’t see being with someone that we didn’t “like” each other’s parents our kids call (even our children from previous relationships) his parents Grammy and papa and mine gramma and grampa

I don’t consider my father in law my family. It is nothing personal, we are just not close. I wouldn’t be hateful about it to my spouse but he still isn’t part of my family.

I loved my mother-in-law


Neither of your moms are part of your family, its you, husband and kids. Your moms are extended family.


If this is all you have to fight about …stop it!!!/

My mom and mother in law and father in law are very much part of the family. My mom has always treated my husband as a son and same for my in laws. They have always treated me as their own daughter.

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Your mum and his mum aren’t family, your mum is his family and his is yours.

When you get married you inherit your spouses family. Period.


Your husband sounds childish and like a spoiled mamas boy… He needs to accept your mother the way you accept his or you shouldn’t have to deal with his mom…


Of course you’re all family. You, he and your children should be your first priority/obligation, but otherwise, you’re all one big family…cousins, brothers, aunts and uncles.
Is this the first time this has ever been discussed? Has he always felt this way or did something happen to make him feel this way?

If my BOYFRIEND said my mom wasn’t family, I wouldn’t be continuing a family with him anymore. :woman_shrugging:t3: He calls my mom “mom” and my dad “dad” his parents refer to me as another daughter. Fuck that crap you have going on over there.:rofl:

I was once married to a mummys boy and he got kicked to the kerb!


Once i’m married, i expect my husband to treat my family as his own & for my family to treat him as family. When we got engaged both sides of our families were saying ‘welcome to the family’! My fiancé says ‘hey mama’ when he greets my mom, not because i asked him to… its just to make her feel welcomed. His mother says i’m now one of her daughters… Unless there is real issues i dont see why anyone would look at it any other way. Being welcoming of your mother should be a priority to your husband because thats your mom, and he loves you. & vise versa. People make it much more difficult than it has to be with inlaws. Respecting your side of the family should be important to him.


They’re in laws. Not immediate family. But still family non the leas


Pick your battles.
Honestly, I would feel a little sorry for him that he doesn’t realize your family has become his family.
People have different definitions of family. You can’t force someone to change their definition. You never know, there might come a time in the future when he sees that they are family.
Honestly, I don’t think I would ever tell my mate that I didn’t like his mother. That’s his mother.
I don’t think he should have told you he didn’t like your mother.
Somethings you should keep to yourself. You don’t choose your mother.

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That’s a tough one because I would think when you are in love with someone you would love their family unconditionally and. Because I just guess that’s the way I always thought things like that we’re supposed to go but I don’t know that’s where what they call where Angels fear to try it again and and there’s a lot of places like that have a great day and remember just to love everyone because they’re your family