My husband doesn't help around the house: Advice?

I am a STAHM with 18-year-old child a boy; I am always overwhelmed with work around my home as my husband does nothing to help, all times he ply video games while the house chores are all on me, he says he pays the all the bills so he shouldn’t work at home, how would you advise me


Ok so I get that he works to pay the bills but you work too. For free. So when do you get a break?? I stay at home with my 2 yr old and I have 3 other kids that are school aged. It is a team effort. He needs to realize this before you resent him. Cuz trust me, from experience, it will happen

If you’re not working what’s your problem


Leave, he has no respect for you.


18 yrs old? Was that hopefully a typo? Cause if not- he has his job and the house would be yours. If it’s an 18 mo old then that’s diff


Umm your kid is grown, go out and get a job then tell him y’all will split the chores. Other than that as long as he’s not a pig is say yeah the house is on you if you’re not working and your kid is an adult. You’re not a stay at home mom anymore. You’re a stay at home wife. So the house is your job. I mean I could see if you have young kids and are worn out from them but that’s not the case.


i left mine of 3 years because of it. dont care im not raising a man…


You stay home all day and cant get the house chores done? Your child is 18 years old you say, give hime some chores and stop complaining. Get a job out of the house and do your own thing.


Just my opinion but he is right to a certain extent. I am a stay at home( I have a disability) kids are all grown and my Mr works hard but he also still does chores around our house.

I told my husband he’s in charge of the man jobs (like building stuff or yard work) I do the rest or the kids do. And my husband works 60 plus hours a week in a very physical job. He does do the little things once in a while but I don’t expect him to since he does work outside the home.

Chile get u a routine & clean that house my husband pays all the bills and he chooses what he wants to clean but when he’s not here otr trucker I clean up behind my lazy ass sons 28 & 26 yes child so I don’t say shit I just clean bc I like a clean house & yes I wish my sons would gtfo

18 year old son.
Maybe it’s time to find something for you.
Volunteer, get a part time job.
Just because u don’t have to work doesn’t mean u may not benefit from it.
Get out into the world. It makes socks on the floor and messy closet seem like much smaller problems.

It’s not that u may not do enough at home, but maybe u just need more to use your brain on.


If your child is 18 … there’s no need for you to be a SAHM anymore go get a job and then you both do the house work


what is a stay at home moms job?? your son is 18?? so what do you do all day? how is your house a big mess? make your son help. that’s what I do. why should my man be expected to work all day to come clean my mess… I can see if you have heavy stuff to move around but… other than that… I think you are lucky as is…

Your child is 18? Um make him do chores maybe? Lol get real…


If your child is special needs that’s one thing, but if you have an 18 year old son… without special needs… that’s a man…


18 years or months… because at 18 years they should be self sufficient and working.


Your 18 year old “child” can help you. Your kid is grown. Grow up and get a job. He can take care of himself.


Stop cleaning everything that belongs to him or that he uses. Cook for yourself only and show your son to be a different man than his dad.


If your husband works to take care of you why is taking care of your home so difficult . I mean really you stated your child is 18 years old he should be taking out the trash and taken care of the yard work and you should easily be able to take care of your home … Your man should not have to work all day and come home and do your job !!!