My husband doesn't want anymore kids but I do: Advice?

What do you do if your husband is set on not having any more kids, but you want another? I have nine months left on my BC before I have to have it removed, and he’s been pretty adamant on not having a second. I’m still 50/50. More just timing for me. It’s a constant fight between us when the topic comes up. We don’t agree at all. What do I do?


Don’t have another. It is already causing problems with the thought of another child if you go off your birth control then you are making the decision on your own to have another child. If you decide that then be prepared to become a single parent. Not trying to be mean but it could happen. If the roles were reversed you would not like him making a life changing decision like that for you. Put all your love into the child you have and your marriage


Theres not much you can do, if he doesnt and you pressure and have one I feel hes going to be unhappy and maybe treat the kid differently. I dont think you can have another unless you both want one. Sorry

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Respect him . No more children .

Find a gay man who wants kids and y’all share custody :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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It should be agreed mutually… otherwise there’s no trust and you’re off to a rocky start with the new addition

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You will have to speak about it honestly, why is it that he does not want a second child and why you want a second. Thier is no way to convince him and either way it can cause a deep rift in your marriage.

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Get divorced and have it with some one else!!!


It depends on his reason. Kids are a blessing. I’ve been told by men that if a man doesn’t want kids with you he doesn’t want to be with you. Sorry.

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It is causing a rift in the marriage already. Now you both have to figure out what exactly you can live with. In the end you can make a choice knowing that if you go ahead and have another it could ruin your marriage. If you don’t have another will it destroy your marriage in your heart???

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You have to respect his wishes. He’s being up front and honest about not having more kids. Now ask yourself is it a deal breaker for you, or something you can talk about again a few years down the road? Also just because you have “9 months left” of birthcontrol doesn’t mean you can’t get more or get another method

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If he says no then dont. You dont want to be stuck with kiddos he doesnt want and then, reevalute if that is the type of man you want to be with. Wish i would have done this because i wanted more kids when he didnt. Now that he wants more im like hell 2 da no!

If he :100: does not want any more kids then he needs to get fixed. There may come a time when you may not be with him and you’ll still be able to have more


I sure wouldn’t have a child with a man that doesn’t want one. That’s your answer !

I think you have kids already, be happy with what you have :heart: It needs to be mutual.

Look for another birth control I don’t see u 2 together for long and u will find another man that wants another kid with u. Good luck w the one u have now he’s not worth it.

Unfortunately this is a desicions u oth have to agree on you cantngomahead and have if your husband doesnt want another I’m afraid your out of luck sorry

Get a puppy.
Talk about it later.


Look up about your child being an only child. I heard there is stigma


Don’t get pregnant, don’t get your birth control out at least until or unless you can both come to a decision. And having 1 isn’t the end of the world… some people have 0.