My husband doesn't want me going to his sons birthday party with him: Advice?

We both have X’s that we had our 1st babies with. I don’t have any physical contact with mine! And he doesn’t either we do have to deal with his X often though his kid comes on the weekends and he gives her monetary help every month anyway my question is The X wants him (my husband) to go to their son’s party to her house. First, he said no, and now he says he’s going, so I told him, okay, if you go, I will go with you he said no ur not going so I said well if I’m not going then ur not either! We can celebrate our son here too after we don’t necessarily have to do it at the same time his mom is or with them. Advice pls? Thanks


How could you not go to his Birthday party? After all, you’re a part of his life also.


Sorry I didn’t read that good.
Have a private party with him, and that way everybody will be comfortable on his special day. You won’t look like the bad guy.


Why would you want to go where you are not welcome? There is much more to this story that isnt being told.
If the boys father wants to go to his childs birthday party, who are you to forbid it? Wow!
If you want to also celebrate the childs birthday, give him a second party at your place when he is there.
This isnt about you, its about the child and HIS special day.


He should go to his child’s party u should not makes it awkward for the child put him first not about u in this situation


I’d go at public park do all can be their ! Him not wanting you to go isn’t good? Sends wrong message to ex !! Maybe do at pizza place n set limit on tokens r change for games like 3 games per child? If you’re part of his child’s life my question is why you aren’t permitted? Can’t everyone be civil for hour r two for the child’s day !!

That’s his child, the child comes first always! If he feels it may be awkward and feels it’s best if you don’t go then be an adult and don’t go, pretty simple.


Sounds like you don’t trust him to me. It’s his kids birthday, he should go and if you want to celebrate the kids birthday have a mini party at yours.


Naye namwe abakazi abamu muyina engeli gyemutekawo embeera eyekisilu enyo Oli muleke agende ku birthday ya mutabani we… Wewumuze

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If he doesn’t want you to go, it’s because his ex is still hung up on him and jealous over you. Good co parenting is about respecting each other and keeping the peace for the sake of your child. If she’s really that terrible, and refuses to be cool with you, then you and he should throw him a separate party (bonus for the kid too!) and he should attend that one.


He shouldn’t be going. Have a party at your house with his kid.


Seems fishy to me Why can’t you go Have you ever had words with the wife physical fight if not he might be trying to get back with her If you’re not there it will make it easier for him


You actually told him he couldn’t go to his child’s birthday party because you weren’t invited? You’re a special kind of idiot. If my husband dared tell me I couldn’t go to my child’s party id divorce him.

I think it’s on him. Yes him and his Ex have a child together but they are no longer together. He is with you now and he needs to tell his Ex either you go or he doesn’t . Period!! No reason why the both of you can’t have your own birthday party for his child… I disagree completely with everyone telling this woman she should be fine with him going to his child’s party without her. IMO Sounds a bit manipulative on the ex’s part.


Who are you to tell him he can’t go ? It’s his son ! Why are you so bothered? Jealous? Don’t trust him round his ex ? You don’t have to go …do something special with him and dad at yours ? Maybe the kids mom has asked him not to bring you for whatever reason? Have a bit of class don’t lower yourself and think of the child if it’s awkward it will spoil his day !


Seems like his baby mama still wants control. They don’t mind you being their when his kid is at your house. Don’t give the devil no room. If you can’t go, he can’t go! He should show his son how to be a man and respect his wife.


A childs birthday party is not the time to be addressing adult issues. Leave him and his party out of your relationship issue with your husband. Let the man make an appearance at his sons birthday without forcing his other relationship on the boys special day. One has nothing to do with the other…


In all seriousness, this is some petty bs. The birthday is about his SON. YOU are the one making it about his ex. Honestly, put your big girl panties on. Do what’s right for the child. He probably wants his dad there. So suck it up and deal. If you can’t trust your man, you have a bigger problem than a child’s party.


I’m curious why it is important that you go along with him? Are you concerned about something happening between them?
But also curious why it matters to him? Maybe he is trying to avoid awkwardness of his ex with you. Bringing the new wife to the ex wifes house, may be uncomfortable for her. I can understand him wanting to be there to celebrate the childs birthday.
I would talk to him, and ask why he does not want you to go.


My ex and my current partner get alone for the kids leave adult issues out of it of course a child wants every signoficant child at there party