My husband drinks and drives: How can I report him?

Has anybody been through this? How can I get him caught in the act? My husband is an alcoholic. He drinks and drives, including with my stepchildren (which his ex sees nothing wrong with, and she’d just lie for him as would his whole family). I don’t mean one or two beers, I mean 10-15. His whole family is alcoholics, and he sees absolutely nothing wrong with drinking and driving and thinks he’ll never wreck because he’s an experienced drinker whose body is used to having alcohol in it. If I just leave him, he’ll never get caught. If I just call the police and say he drinks and drives, he’ll deny it and never get caught. Does anybody know how I can have him pulled over WHILE he’s driving drunk? Like, can I call the police ahead of time, and tell them what road he’ll be on and give them a description of him and his vehicle? I’ve got to do something


I would honestly call the non emergency line and explain that your step children are in possible danger that their father is driving with them intoxicated.


you get his plates you see him getting the car you call State patrol you tell him where he’s leaving from and where he’s going. Simple


You will have to know when he is actually driving intoxicated and call it in

Call 911 and report a drunk driver like 5min before he leaves


Or just call CPS because that is outrageously not okay


Report him and divorce him…


When he leqves the house you can call the police and report his license plate and say u saw him completely inebriated getting into the car. I’ve done it a few times when customers left my work drunk. They got pulled over


While your on a car with him tell one of your friends or family members to call 911 , and give them the street & the license plates or when he leaves somewhere drunk simply call the police & tell them you’d like to report a drunk driver

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Call them as soon as he leaves, tell them the destination and tell them how many you witnessed him drinking


You married him, I’m sure he was an alcoholic then


You have to actually be behind him on the phone with the police reporting him. Be prepared for the fallout because you will be a witness and called to testify against him. Your marriage will most likely be over. You have a better choice, leave him, take the kids and give him the ultimatum to fix himself. He needs to make the choice for his future and you have to protect your kids now.


Yep ive done it before. When you know he’s over the limit an driving call the cops with his details an car rego/description and where he was going.
They will senf a squad car out to pull him over an bretho him

Report him anonymously. Wait until he leaves the house and call in and say there’s a vehicle with whatever license plate number and the driver is intoxicated, the police have no choice but to investigate. If he really is drunk then he can deny it all he wants, a breathalyzer will tell otherwise.


When he gets in the car and cranks it call the police and give description. They will have to pull him over

When you catch him leaving drunk all the cops on him and give him the license plate number


Why are you still married to him?


The next time he leaves the house drunk call the police give them
The plate number and description of the car and the route he is driving. Let them
Do the rest


Um call the cops and ask them

Are you sure that’s what you want? He will have to spend time in jail, which could impact his job. The fees for DUI range anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. Not to mention having a breathalyzer installed from 6 months to 2 years which costs around $100 a month. I’m against drunk driving, I just think you need to be aware of the impact a DUI has on the whole family. You could skip the legal end and voluntarily get a breathalyzer installed for $100 a month, this would not allow the vehicle to start if he’s been drinking.