My husband gets irritated that I don't do my normal duties due to morning sickness: Advice?

I found out right after Christmas that I’m pregnant with my second. Just like my first, the morning sickness kicked into overdrive, and I’m sick all day, worse in the evening. My husband really hurt me this evening when I told him I didn’t feel well enough to cook supper. He got very upset saying that he gets sick too and does this and that. I tried to explain to him how I’m feeling, but he just doesn’t understand and gets irritated that I’m not like my normal wife/mom self. Any advice on how to get him to understand and give me a break would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I would just ignore it , but that’s just me.

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Feed him microwaved raviolis in a solo cup. Dinner served sir.


“Normal duties” uh no. Tell him to suck it up and he can pick up the slack. You’re growing an entire human.


Duties? Hell no. Hes a grown man, he can make dinner too.


Yeah, throw up while you fulfill your duties and then eventually throw up on him.


Kick him in the junk and tell him to go to work/walk it off :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t cook anything for him after that. He’s a grown ass man, he’s not gonna starve.

I guess I’m just diffrent. I cook no matter how I feel but that’s because he takes care of me, so I take care of him :grimacing:


Throw away the whole dude.


He sounds like an ass honestly. My fiance always understood when i was sick or in pain and he took over cooking even after working all day.

I get overall what he means but damn. You are growing a human. He can help out too. Or start doing crockpot. It saved me!

If he gets hungry enough, he’ll figure out how to make/get dinner. He’s not a child.


Relationships are about partnerships, when one falters the other should be there to pick up the slack


You are creating a HUMAN BEING in your body. He needs to back up. Men can be so annoying.


The first words were all I needed to read
“NORMAL DUTIES”…as a husband isn’t it his duty to assist you in sickness and in health. 1950s are no more sir step up your game.


Doesn’t your child have to eat too? Obviously someone is going to have to make food… even if it heating up leftovers.

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He’s an ass, it’s his baby too, you didn’t do it by yourself

Just order out. Let him be mad about the money

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Tell him to man up. Get take out or cook for himself. It’s his responsibility to take care of you when you’re unwell. I’m also pregnant and my hubby has done everything to make life a little easier until this morning sickness passes even with 3 kids. If he acted like that I would punch him in the head.