My husband gets mad at my depression: Advice?

Anytime I’m sad or depressed, my husband gets annoyed and upset with me. What can I do to have a better relationship with him? I woke up in a great mood this morning and was talking quite a bit about my plans for the day and just random things. My husband said he wanted some time with me, not talking. That kind of made me sad because it happens a lot lately. I went to my room and just wanted to be alone. About 30 mins later, he decided he was ready to talk, but I was still sad and didn’t want to anymore. I told him this, and he told me I was annoying. I have Bipolar type 2 and am trying to go off of my meds to have another baby, but we’ve been struggling. I get triggered into depression easily when I’m off my meds. I started crying, and he started raising his voice at me, saying I don’t make any sense. Then he said he left because he had already made plans to go something even though it wasn’t very important. Am I wrong to be upset that he left me at home crying?


I wouldn’t have a baby with him.


I think sometimes my husband gets that way too… I think they don’t understand why we this way and they don’t know how to help


Get rid of him. He’s mad bc you have a chemical imbalance. That’s not normal. Do not have a baby with him.


You’re not wrong to be upset. You can’t help being depressed nor being bipolar. If he can’t handle it that’s on him.


You absolutely should not be trying to have a baby with that guy if he reacts to your disorder this way. That’s disgusting!

My husband emotionally abused me and cheated on me during mine. I’d leave. Though not all men do this, tbh.

This has nothing to do with nails. Personal topics should not be discussed publicly. :100::100::100: People joined this page for nails not to hear about your drama.


Don’t have a baby with him. If he’s not understanding now, he definitely won’t be if you have PPD and that can be dangerous for you and baby.


Somone who cared and understood your condition wouldn’t do that. Counseling for both so maybe he understands. If he won’t go…leave


Sounds like you need a new man. I say this from experience, if he doesn’t understand your mental illness now and has never tried then he never will. I’m now with somebody that tries to understand my illness and help me thru it. And definitely doesn’t sound like another baby is needed. He either needs to find ways to understand and help or get out.

I thought this page was for nails… not yalls toxic relationships lmao


Being around someone with BP isn’t easy…I’m not judging I just know what it’s like and for someone who doesn’t have it…it is fuckin annoying because your moods change like the weather. He probably doesn’t know if he’s Arthur or fuckin Martha sometimes. You need to take your meds…you know this🤷🏾‍♀️ hate if you want I’m just BEING REAL

My advice is to take him to your counseling appointment if you go and have you and your counselor educate him what your diagnosis means. I’d encourage him to go to a support group for spouses of mental health suffers. Not only is it hard on you it’s also hard on the love ones. Most of the time they just don’t understand and need educated about what it is and means. Your counselor can help both of you come up with a action plan when your cycling and what you can do and he can do during it. Your feelings are validated but so is his. If he can’t or won’t do it then you need to figure out what’s best for you and your mental state. It’s a hard process but it can lead to a better reaction of both are in the same page. Good luck!!!

I’m sorry your going thru this, your health is most important and getting that under control should be your first priority, put having a baby on hold as its not going to help you guys in any way. Try couples counseling and individual counseling .keep a journal to help Express feelings and just write each time your stressed till you see a change in the writing. Communication is key and I think you both need to work on that together so you can tell when the other needs time to be alone .

Maybe you should get with the other person that is pregnant and see if you can adopt her baby.


If he isnt going to show concern for your condition, nor try doing his own research to understand why you sometimes do what you do, then he is certainly not the type to have children with. What if your future child(ren) end up having mental illness? Do you really want a partner that’s not willing to learn about it and better handle it?


He sounds like a dick. He sounds like he needs the bipolar medicine not you. I don’t think you’re bipolar you’re just dealing with someone who could give 2 shits about your feelings. I would DEFINITELY not recommend even thinking about another child with this man until y’all can sit down and discuss these issues bc frankly, I would’ve been gone a long time ago. Everything in this post triggers me and makes me wonder why women deal with shit like this. No offense to you I just rather be single than to deal with someone like this or being unhappy.

I would not try to have another baby until y’all get y’all’s relationship together. Don’t bring a baby into that drama.


I get mad at my spouse like this too. I also have bi polar type 2 and sometimes its hard for me not to. But there is help for us. If he loved you that much he will get the help he needs in order to help you! Being depressed isn’t good while pg so maybe you guys should get some counseling. Thats what my spouse and i are doing. Just a suggestion.