My husband gets mad at my depression: Advice?

Throw the buggar out.

Leave his ass. Do NOT get off your meds and have a child with him. I’m speaking from experience. He’s not good for your mental health and will only push you into a deeper depression. He can’t understand your illness because he’s egotistical bad only concerned with his own needs and not yours. You shouldn’t be with a man that thinks it’s okay to yell at you. You don’t need that nor deserve it. He left you there crying because he simply doesn’t care about you and your well being. When people show you who they are, believe them the FIRST time.

My suggestion is to divorce him and find a man who will be more sympathetic towards your situation. The way he is acting is bordering mental abuse and it’s NOT okay. Also… do NOT have a baby with this man. He is not worthy.


So bringing this up on a nail page is a strong cry for help in probably a manic state. Hence why the inappropriatness. I would call your psychiatrist and discuss with him or her and have a session or two or more with your partner about this.


He sounds like a narcissist

Would try counseling to maybe get him to understand you better if he’s not able to listen to you. If he will agree to it. You’re not crazy. :heart:

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Don’t bring a baby into that situation. Babies don’t make bad circumstances better, they make them worse.


If your looking for relationship advice on Facebook from people who do not know your full story the relationship is probably doomed anyway.


:running_man: like hell b4 he have you looking old and wrinkle

Would you like to be apart of my mom group?

I see a lot of post on here that has nothing to do with nails. Why is it a issue now?


You need someone who is more supportive. I see your up and down at the moment. Wait until your mood stabilizes, continue on your meds for now. Once your in a good place and balanced, decide on the future of you marriage. Either your husband supports your or he has to go. You will be an amazing mum in the future but hold off on babies right now until you get to a more stable place.


I feel like you deserve better

The ones who are complaining about this being a nails page. You would never know what a person is going through maybe this was her closest thing to getting a hold of someone or just to get advice. Y’all dont have to be Karen’s.


Sounds to me like this relationship is already over

Sounds like he may be the source of your depression. I remember my ex had me believing the health of our relationship was my responsibility. Leaving you at home was a gift, no one diminishes those they love. Enjoy the peace and use the time to learn about who you are and why he chooses to ignore that beautiful person! Just a thought, respectfully maybe he is not the one to raise children with healthy self love.

Wishes for strength and joy in your life.

It’s hard to live with someone that has mental health issues. You need to seek a professional and realize that this is very hard on him too. I’ve dated someone with mental health issues and I bailed. Sorry not sorry. I can’t handle it and I’m not about to baby a grown ass man. I can’t deal w the constant babying and overlooking and catering to the other person. It’s exhausting. The world doesn’t revolve around you and the last thing you need is another baby to put even more strain on your relationship.

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Maybe he needs a reality check have a doctor explain to him what is going on and how be there for you. But my opinion drop him if he truly cared about you he would do his damndest to be there for you. Sorry your going through this. God bless you

You shouldn’t go off your meds. And sometimes people don’t wanna be bombarded in the morning with conversation. If you are having problems in your marriage why would you be trying to have another baby. It’s a set up for disaster. Get back on your meds and leave him alone with your morning rambling. I’d be mad as fuck too. Then when he was like ok I’m awake now. What’s up, you were sulking about it. That’s annoying in it’s self.

Whomever this is needs to get emotionally in a better place before ever bringing a kid into it…don’t bring a baby into an unstable, unhealthy environment. And the page is about nails not advice on relationships just saying🤦 last question was about getting pregnant when she knew the guy didn’t wanna have a kid🤔really??