My husband gets upset anytime that I go near his phone: Advice?

Contact your cell provider and get the texts and phone call records. Id the the phone with me for a few days and see who calls

I would never go near my husband’s phone . It’s his . I have never felt the need though .


Walk away now, it’ll only get worse. X

Girl, you already know


That’s a dead give away there. For sure hiding things.


you already know the answer. The real question is are you going to stay or go??? porn is cheating too


You should never go through someone’s phone anyway


He could be buying drugs instead of cheating. It’s one or the other.

He goes to sleep, you find your answers. That’s not okay and he’s clearly hiding something and shutting you out.

Sleeping is a good way to get the phone out of someone’s hand, but if you already suspect it I wouldn’t even go through it because if you’re not willing to leave you’re just going to cause a mental wound on yourself that’ll never go away and heal. I wish I never picked up my fiancé’s phone for real. I stay and I can’t forget what I’ve ever found in his phone, ever. We still fight 3 years later over it


That’s very strange behaviour

IF HE CANT TELL YOU. ITS SOMETHING BAD…Arrange your self to throw him out! You did nothing… .hes the one who needs to leave…

Make sure your life is in order, start working if you are not


I’m usually not one to demand checking someone’s phone since I’m big on trust but clearly you know it’s happening so tell him to give you the phone so you can confirm what’s going on

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First off, if you’re so annoying, sleep on the couch. When he asks what you’re doin, tell him “you said I’m annoying and I think you’re a sneaky a§ hole. Maybe we should just get a divorce. Good night.” 🤷


My SO & I have the same Lock Screen code :+1:t3:no man should get upset at their SO for grabbing their phone let alone getting near it. I smh!!


Put sleeping tablets in his mashed potato when he’s out cold look in his phone :+1:t3::joy::joy:


Start being sneaky with your phone ,hide it, if he goes near it pick it up and go in the next room with it. Don’t let him see where you put it ( just you remember) before long he’ll wonder what your up too


Yeah he’s hiding something for sure and most likely is cheating. I’d take it and if he responds in anger I’d respond even angrier and tell him to either show you what he’s hiding or leave right then and be serious. If he doesn’t show you, start packing his things and tell his mother to come and get him.


He’s doing something behind your back