My husband has a lot of female friends and has cheated before: What should I do?

Hi, please post for me the marriage issue. In the first year of our marriage, my husband cheated on me broke up with the girl a week before our wedding, but the emotional relationship continued into our first year. I found out they had an affair about seven months almost walked, but he begged and even cried we work on our marriage. So over the years, he’s been changing girls he talks too. He spends most of the time talking to them, sending each other inappropriate messages. He promised to stop, but each time we talk about it, he stops with certain girls and replaces them with others. All or most of these women are single. If they ever get married, he grows apart from them and stops talking to them. I’ve seen a lot of selfies and activities like lunch and dinner, clubbing with them, hiking, etc. I’ve raised my concerns, but he stops and goes back. He doesn’t have many Male friends; most are just these single women. He says he’s passion is to help, but why can’t he help everyone except a single woman. On Tuesday left the house at 10 pm to get some girl’s food, don’t know them but they are his friends. The next day I saw him with one of the girls he’s been recently very chatty with, taking selfies at work with her, sending her compliments like you beautiful, pretty, etc. I didn’t greet them. I just went to our car he shouted at me for being anti-social etc. I experienced the same with the first girl he cheated at me and was compared to her all the time, told why u couldn’t be like her, etc. He said he is feeling the void of the stuff that I don’t do for him. He also wants me to be friends with these girls. From the time we got married, I can count the number of times he’s told me why he loves me than my flaws is that I’m beautiful or even just hug me. I can tell you he’s hugged this other lady or ladies more than me, I have been told how bad I am as a mother because I don’t play with our son the way he does and bad to him as a wife. I’ve been compared to this woman he talks to all the time. Today he went out with some girl and other girls and his workmates. His married workmates can excuse themselves from being with their families, but he can never do that for us. I forgot my keys and didn’t have a way to get into the house. He still cams at 9 pm. We sat outside with my son till he got home, I even went to get food and let my son play a bit, asked him to come a bit early or give us keys. I’m pregnant with our second child, and it’s taking a toll on me. It seems he puts other people first then us. I’m so hurt by all this. He just lost his father in October, but I feel I have had enough and been patient enough for him to change six years later, still battling with him having too many woman friends with no boundaries. He says I’m to black and should adopt western or white people’s culture of allowing your husband to do whatever. By the way, we are African and still live in Africa, and our culture and religion teach you to stop or minimize relationships with the opposite sex when married. I don’t know what to do. He is sometimes a very good person.


Hes clearly a cheater. Your hurting yourself emotionally. Leave him. You need to be more confident with yourself. Tell him to fuck off. These chicks are laughing at you as you allow it

Mistake #1… ya shouldn’t have gotten married!:woman_shrugging:


And you’re still with him why?


If you think you deserve that type of love stay, if you know you dont: leave.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”


“He is sometimes a very good person.” Sometimes? He is NOT worth your time. Get a real man that appreciates you. He is NEVER going to change.


Yea, I’d leave! White people culture? I’m white my bf (who passed) was black. Neither of us did that. If we hung out with friends it was together unless football. Im not a fan. Sorry but I’d say he is cheating.

He isn’t going to change. He’s had plenty of opportunities get rid of him now he has no respect for you.

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What you allow will continue. Plain and simple.

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You should have never married him. You did this to yourself by not walking away the 1st time. He will never change


The longer that you allow it the worse it will get. You deserve better than sometimes.

One word RUN! Don’t walk run away! Fuck that shit once a cheater always one I believe that :100:

Why did you marry him? You need to leave him he will not change he’s proving it to you and by you staying your telling him what he’s doing is okay with you no matter what your saying so leave and don’t go back they cry fake tears

You do know what to do. You are not happy with his behavior. His same behavior that has continued for all this time with no respect for you… stop second guessing yourself and YOU start making decisions that will allow your happiness. He’s not going to change…


Holy shit…is this for real??? Hes a cheater and you let him continue bangin i mean hangin out w them??? Obviously you already know the answers to your own questions here. Im sorry girl. I feel your pain too.

You dont deserve to be treated that way! Leave that fool!

Ehhhh tell him to leave or you leave or hel continue to do it because u let him do it. Its hard but you need to love and look after yourself xx

Value yourself…you obviously don’t…

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he’s a narcissist and cares about himself…not you, not your kid, not the unborn, not the other girls. Dump him. He’s a waste of time and you’ll never change him

Lord, LEAVE. he hasnt given you enough reason to leave yet… I could not and would not put up with that. Kids, marriage or not. That is too much and 6 years and he hasnt changed. He ain’t going to