My husband has an issue with my sons nails being painted: Advice?

How would you handle a seven-year-old boy that is interested in playing with lipstick and loves painting his nails? So yesterday, I picked up my son (7yr) and stepdaughter (9yr) from daycare. He was so excited to show me he got his nails painted by the teacher. I smiled, giggled, and said they look pretty. Thinking not much of it, we went home. My husband of 4 months- 3 yr relationship(stepfather to my son) was extremely upset and demanded we remove it. Loudly stated that painting nails were for girls only. I didn’t argue or say much about the topic. At bedtime, I took my son into the bathroom and proceeded to take off his nail polish. I could see he was sad, and I told him I thought his nails looked pretty. He responded, yea I thought you would have liked the color I chose (my favorite color is orange). My heart broke because now I feel like I broke this little boy’s spirit and fully went against my belief of self expression and doing what makes you happy. I’ve been letting him do these for a few years now and he didn’t understand why I didn’t like what he did. I was up crying all night. I called his real dad and he took the same stance as my husband.


Fuck them both. Disrespectfully

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Fingernail polish is for girls.


If they don’t like it I’d tell them not to look at his nails. Its not hurting anyone. Not like it’s permanent! He likes it. Thats all that should matter is his happiness.


Luckily for the ex douche, and the new douche— nail polish doesn’t determine homosexuality

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If this child grows up with any version of alternative sexuality, he has already learned that it is not going to be favored by then men in his life and he will remember how he felt the day he came home with his nails painted.

Support this child and make sure he knows he has a safe place to land.


You should have an issue with the “husband/step father”!!!


I think it’s important to respect the other parents in his life too. How you raise your kid should be discussed between you all. I personally have three sons and wouldn’t encourage nail polish or lipstick. I think honestly though all kids go through a curious stage if they see cosmetics being used.


Let your child express themselves regardless, he can’t change who is he is. He is just making him ashamed of himself. What an innocent child thought was cool he took and turned it into something that is unacceptable. Idk . Good luck, touchy subject depending on the person.


I wouldn’t care. It’s a form of self expression. It’s hard when one parent is ok and the other one is not. It’s not hurting anyone or the person he’s becoming.


My son is 9 and loves to get his nails and toes done. Has loved it since he was about 4.


I don’t encourage nail polish but if my son likes it oh well…

Why did you remove it? Next time tell him to get the f over it


The grown ups’ masculinity is fragile :woman_shrugging:t4: Your boy is allowed to do whatever he sees fit (as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, & nail polish doesn’t hurt anyone I think).


No offence but nobody has the right to demand anything ! Your son should be able to express himself any darn way he chooses to especially since it’s not hurting anyone.


I’m sorry mama, this is so hard. My 2 boys like the whole nail polish thing and thankfully their dad’s are ok with it for the most part. I let my boys do that at home, but if we are going out anywhere it has to come off. They do make peel off nail polish for kids so idk if maybe you can talk to your husband about making it an at home thing only? My boys know they are boys and they know the difference between boys and girls but kids don’t judge others unless it’s taught. They don’t care if pink or purple is considered a “girl” color. They are just colors. I hope that you can find a way to open up the minds of your ex and husband. These are your kids and you should be able to raise them how you want.


My sons 12 he still paints his nails . There is nothing wrong with it let the baby express himself . It doesn’t mean he will be different in life .


Your son has a very difficult road ahead of him.
Regardless of whatever ends happening with his sexual preference or gender identity, which is the farthest thing from his mind right now, and I’m sure is what I’m sure the men in his life are concerned with, you have a little boy who loves color and pretty things, who is obviously being raised by men who don’t appreciate those things the same way he does, and you’re at a crossroads.
You can either protect him from having the colors in his world muted or rearranged to be more palatable for those men, or you can advocate for him and let him express himself how he sees fit.
Its just nail polish.
Its just makeup.
Its just pretend.
He’s just little.
Just let him be.


My 3yo son enjoys having his nails painted too. I don’t think nailpolish is a guy girl thing. And as for makeup all actors wear makeup so I’d just be like future movie star in training :wink:


Nope. Hes a boy. Not a girl.